Sometimes you hear a track that starts off a trend and in years to come when people are searching for the first track of it’s kind they will find a trail that leads back to this one.

Sometimes house, sometimes Dubstep, but always absolutely banging.

Darta returns to Sub Generation and this time he means business.



Hot off the heels of his recent release Darta returns for a slightly different slant on the same central structure as before.

This track is an advanced tune, well beyond it’s years, we like to set trends here at EML, we’ve done it before quietly in the background changing the game and this is another example of how even a small influence can have big knock on effects.

Watch as this style takes a hold in 2020.

Raw and crystal clear to your god damn ears, this really is pure dance music at it’s finest.


A Hybrid of Trance, Electro and Techno and Breaks is what this producer genius we know as PSR Ryder has conjured up with this the first of several new releases by him coming out of EML.

It’s good to be getting the old guard of EML back again and releasing music through this label, onward and upwards Mr Ryder.



We have a treat for you here, if you like your tracks thudding with a monster kick drum that will shake your very soul to it’s foundations then this is what you are looking for.

Paul gives the track a little injection of Psy in the psytrance mix, two absolutely banging tracks that I will definately be putting into compilations and podcasts here at EML and if it’s good enough for me to do that, then it’s good enough for your DJ bag and your personal collections.

Hit the play button and get ready to be rocked.

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