EML Recordings Nov/Dec releases details

Hello EML’s,

We have so much news to tell you all im going to get straight on with it, starting with the forthcoming EML Recordings releases.

On 23rd November, Moonshot will be releasing their long awaited album ‘No Sign Of Morning’.

Moonshot are Richard Wolfe and Daniel Kent, this album comprizes of 10 original Electro-Pop tracks, blending strong atmospheres and narratives to create stories of urban life, both past and present.

Sometimes personal, sometimes topical, ‘No Sign of Morning’is a snapshot of English life in the early part of the 21st Century.
The album is available from over 100 on-line stores globally, click the image below to take you through to Amazon where you can sample each track and buy it (Available to purchase from Monday 23rd November onwards) !!..or click PREVIEW HERE

The following Monday (30th November), Electromagnetic Impulses (That’s ME !!), is releasing ‘Hemp Saved My life’ a two track Drum N Bass single release.

This 2 track single release is a MUST buy for any original D’n’B head and any Drum N Bass DJ, that wants to bring back those memories of the mid to late 90’s to their dance floors (Remember Dreamsacpe and Helter Skelter ???).

Progressive and agressive with fantastic Electronic Synth patterns and a really catchy bass line throughout, the ‘B’ side is the ‘EV mix’ and features the wonderful and amazing vocal talent of Corrientes from New York.

Available from Amazon from Monday 30th Nov onwards, again click the image below to sample each track, or click PREVIEW HERE

On the 7th December, Electric Okra releases the single ‘Amplifiers’

Described as Genre-Busting,home grown Electronica, Electric Okra is the latest musical incarnation of Tim Sanderlin.

Playing and producing music most of his life, Sanderlin is a veteran drummer who played with severall bands in the underground scene in the mid 90’s.

This single is a pre-lude to his forthcoming EP ‘ The Melting and the Madness (details of which are below)/

Electric Okras music is inspiring, thought provoking, ambient, and has the right mix n blend of Electronic Synth’s , swirls and percussion to get the dance floor grooving, and is one for the MP3 player.

This is available from 7th December, you can preview the release PREVIEW HERE or click the image below.

On 21st Dec, Electric Okra releases his 6 track EP The Melting and the Maddness , this 6 track EP follows on from his earlier single release above and is a MUST for any Lounge, Leftfield and IDM fan PREVIEW HERE

Or click the image below

We also have a Boxing Day album release by ‘The Enemy Within’ AKA Darren Holborn, more details about this release will appear in the December Newsletter.

ALL EML Recordings releases are available from Beatport ..on and after the day of the actual release date..click the image below or visit EML Recordings on Beatport

For a list of ALL stores stocking EML Recordings follow the link below and choose your favorite..we even have our own store now so you can even buy directly from us


So this brings me on to the success of our October releases.

Alien Syndromes Psy Trance release ‘Invasion’ has had HUGE success, especially on Track It Down.net.

he has managed to find himself in the top 100 tracks (or best sellers charts in Psy Trance), for 7 weeks now, peaking at number 7 even outselling the ‘Sun Project, Infected Mushroom and John OO Flemming, on the same site, a HUGE congratulations goes to him.

and there will be more from Alien Syndrome next year.

If you haven’t already bought your copy of this amazing 4 track EP, i suggest you go and have a listen to it on Track It Down.net, Invasion EP on Track It Down.net

and whilst your there go look at the charts !!

Our Halloween release Crimson Death’s ‘The Crystalline Imprint’ is selling like hotcakes, one track in particualr ‘Koka-Kola’ has been at position number ONE in Bubblebeats Jungle, Rock, and Drum N Bass charts for 2 weeks

And he is selling well on E-musics most downloaded Drum N Bass albums breaking into the top 100 this week, from almost 2,000 albums !!


E-Music Drum N Bass download charts

Finally the EML Recordings podcast has a new home..ON OUR WEB SITE..which you can visit by clicking below. You have to agree it looks awesome ! (Thanks Dani)

EML Recordings podcast

So that’s it for this month ..the next update/newsletter will go out just before christmas along with the latest installent of the EML Recordings podcast, a HUGE thanks to everybody involved with the label, we have got off to the best possible start and we have releases already in the pipe line for Jan and Feb, we also have a barrage of new artists joining our ranks, watch out for ‘Acid Trooper’ (Psy Trance), Roddy McGarry (Techno), and Nova Style (Experimental Psy Trance), all coming your way in 2010 and dont forget about The Enemy within’s release on Boxing day.
Until later in December this is Electromagnetic Impulses..signing out..PEACE !!


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