EML Recordings Oct/Nov releases details

After 5 months of planning, i am pleased to announce Octobers releases from EML Recordings ..We are finally here !!

ALL of the following releases will be available from over 100 on-line stores including BEATPORT , I-tunes etc etc, on and after the day of the actual release, for all of you Dj’s out there that want to find something new that will ROCK your respective dance floors you need look no further !!

Don’t forget to come and visit our 2 main web sites for all sorts off goodies.
EML Recordings.net


EML Recordings.com

Kicking things off, we have an AWESOME Psy-Trance release by Alien Syndrome on 5th October.

Alien Syndrome’s style of music can be classified as Psy-Trance, his tracks are full of classic Psy-Trance swirly Synth patterns, intelligent structures, breakdowns, and haunting beautiful piano riffs, Amazing Kicks and percussions..he is nothing short of genius.!!

This guy IS the future of Psy-Trance without a shadow of a doubt, he has youth on his side being only 19 years of age, and we here at EML Recordings fully expect this artist to go all the way…remember where you heard him first. !!

click the image below to listen to previews of each track (opens in a new window)

On 19th October we have Moonshots Outstanding Electro-Pop, ‘Who Turned the Lights Out’ single release, which is a pre-release to their ‘No Sign of Morning’ album, which we will be releasing in mid November.

This release has the Radio Edit and the ‘In The Club Remix’ of the original track.

London based Moonshot, combine dark urban beats with pop melodies to create songs that are challenging yet accessible.
Blending the pop sensibilities of 80’s electronic bands with the Bristol led trip hop pioneers of the 90’s.
Moonshot occupy a unique and relevant space in the current music scene.

On Halloween we are releasing the long awaited ‘The Crystalline Imprint’ Industrial Drum & Bass album by Crimson Death.

Crimson Death is a Toronto-based Jungle DJ, whose music is influenced by the sounds and imagery of Black Metal.

Known for his extreme studio creations, unique covers and high energy remixes, he seamlessly blends elements of opposing genres into dynamic dance-floor anthems.

He is also GIVING AWAY his remix of one of the tracks off the album ‘Diet Koke’.


Besides all of this we have the EML Recordings Podcast, showcasing tracks from more of the artists off EML Recordings.

EML Recordings Podcast 2

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