Flawed album release and a free album and single for everyone

Today 26th December 2009 EML Recordings releases the Flawed album by The Enemy Within

This ten track album from Gwent boy Darren Holborn (The Enemy Within) is industrial electro to its very core.
Repetitive old school beats sweep through each song, invasive synths herald the start of a project chock-a-block with promise and complexity.
The album’s repetitiveness is cleverly controlled- the songs are never allowed to drag on for too long- while ideas develop gradually rather than the mistake others often make of clumping everything together and hoping for the best.
Flawed is a good egg of an album, skillfully detached from the rock world of today.

Preview the album HERE

To celebrate x-mas EML Recordings is giving away an album and a single to EVERYONE.

Remergence (Elctro/ Trance)

As a little Christmas gift to all the fans of our music around the world we are not only giving away our album Wide Open Space, but from now until Christmas Eve we are giving away our most recent album Lux Lucis Quod Vis Somnium, no codes needed just visit bandcamp and download the album including hidden bonus track and artwork for nothing, yes nothing, of course if you would like to make a tiny donation then that’s entirely up to you ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
– Remergence

Moonshots Free Winter Track

Electro-Pop Moonshot are giving away one of their latest singles Angles in the Snow , again no sign up’s or registration needed.

Other latest releases from EML Recordings

Alien Syndrome ‘Invasion’ EP (Psytrance) (5th Oct 2009)

Moonshot ‘Who Turned the Lights Out ?’ Single (Electro/House) (19th Oct 2009)

Crimson Death ‘The Crystalline Imprint’ album (Industrial Drum n Bass) (31st Oct 2009)

Moonshot ‘No Sign of Morning’ album (Electro-Pop) (23rd Nov 2009)

Electromagnetic Impulses ‘Hemp Saved my Life’ single (Drum n Bass) (30th Nov 2009)

Electric Okra ‘Amplifiers’ single (Electronica) (7th Dec 2009)

Electric Okra ‘The Melting and the Madness’ EP (Electronica, House) (21st Dec 2009)

So that’s it peeps for 2009 from EML Recordings, i’m off to relax for a while now peeps, i’ll see you all on the other side



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