Moonshot to be played on Wythenshawe FM Monday 18th Jan, and xtaster album review details

The Moonshot publicity Machine keeps on Rolling,

Moonshot are going to be on Wythenshawe FM next Monday. (18th Feb) The interview is for Mike George Breakfast show and he’ll also play ‘their single ‘Who Turned The Lights Out’ afterwards.
The show is on a local Manchester station that also covers the Greater Manchester area – so good coverage. If you want to listen, you can do so online at

AND….. No Sign Of Morning is also listed in Music Week’s ‘key release’ section. Very exciting :-)))))

If that wasn’t enough they have also had their album reviewed courtesy of Xtaster.

Moonshot – ‘No Sign Of Morning’

This band’s work rate is something rarely heard of in today’s climate, having put out two EPs and Five albums since their formation in 2001. That is impressive, and if all the previous releases are pieces of the puzzle of this release, then what an eight years they’ve had.

The vocals automatically strike chords of nostalgia and for some reason Pet Shop Boys come to mind. Their sound is a medium-rare British version of Vast. Deep and thoughtful lyrical content combined with great trip-hop beats, operatic and various other haunting samples, and topped off with track titles that make you want to listen (‘Restraint Of Mary Ann Nichols’, ‘Who Turned The Lights Out?’) and the added bonus of just being signed mid-2009 to EMI recordings, grab your coat honey – we’re going to the moon.

2010 is already becoming a good year for EML and Moonshot…like i’ve been saying all along folks were here to stay

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