EML Recordings Feb releases, details, previews, and latest EML News

Hi Folks, so much to share with you all this month, so im going to get right on with it.

on 1st Feb 2010 we release : “Brilliance In Shadows“, a Hard House, Hard Dance Global EP release by Electrum Shiv.

Filthy, Funky Techno is the order of the day here, Hard House, Hard Dance call it what you will, this is a MUST for any serious Techno DJ. Electrum Shiv’s “Brilliance in Shadows, 5 track EP

If you are a DJ and you really want to work your dance floor up into a frenzy with something new, and something they are going to want more of then you have come to the right place.

Every single track is massive, heavy bass lines, drum loops that aren’t predictable, but still maintain a fast pounding almost tribal rhythm, clever bits to catch you out, it’s the full package, and there’s more and better to come in a few months time from Electrum Shiv, we’ll let the music do the rest of the talking.


on 12th Feb 2010 we release : “Uncharted Territory”, a global Drum N Bass EP Release by Electromagnetic Impulses

Uncharted Territory continues on from the success of E.I’s ‘Hemp Saved my Life’ single.

This classic furious drum n bass release is jam packed full of twisting, funky bass riffs, hard impacting drums and percussions and some high energy intelligently structured synth patterns that will have any drum n bass dance floor shaking and a groovin.

Attention Dj’s this release is going to change your perception on where D+B is going, this release will surely hail the introduction of Electromagnetic Impulses, and place him firmly on the Drum N Bass map.

Track 2: features the amazing vocal talent of Australian vocalist and collaborator ‘Pixieguts’.

Track 3 :is an E.I Remix of the up and coming D+B industrialist ‘Crimson Death’s’ track ‘Sick’.

Track 4: is a collaboration with the amazingly talented ‘Rigg-a-Mortis’.

Tracks 1 and 5 are original works by E.I.


Then on 22nd Feb we release : ‘Black Box’, a global Electro Release by Moonshot

London based Moonshot combine dark, urban beats with pop melodies to create songs that are challenging yet accessible. Blending the pop sensibilities of 80s electronic bands with the Bristol led trip hop pioneers of the 90s, Moonshot occupy a unique and relevant space in the current music scene.

The Black Boxes EP contains club and electro mixes of the song Black Box (featuring guest vocalist Nikki Booth) as well as a video of the original song. (which will be made available from www.emlrecordings.com ).

The album version of Black Box can be found on Moonshot’s critically acclaimed LP ‘No Sign of Morning’ from EML Recordings. Moonshot’s influences include bands such as Pet Shop Boys, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Portishead as well as artists as diverse as Pink Floyd and Tori Amos.


As is all of that wasn’t enough we have had some Major success on some of the download sites too.

Electric Okra’s single release ‘Amplifiers‘, reached position number 4 on the ‘Peoples Music store’ downloads charts across ALL genres and stayed there for 3 weeks solid !!

Moonshot managed to get onto the ‘Best Of Myspace‘ podcast episode number 76, and stand a good chance of getting played on NME Radio.

They were also played on WFM Radio 97.2 FM, interviewed on there and also featured in this months Gaydar Magazine

Crimson Death is also tipped to be played on the ‘Best Of Myspace ‘ podcast soon, more details when we have them.

The EML Recordings podcast has been downloaded 500 times in 90 days, and has had 12,000 ‘hits’ , and finally we have signed 3 new artists, and have 3 more waiting in the wings..more details next month.

Finally we are planning to release the ‘EML Network’ compilation volume one, which will feature artists not only off the label, but also off our affiliated social network, ‘Electronica Music Lovers

There’s so much more going on but not enough space here to tell you all, so keep your ears and eyes open, and why not join our Facebook group and keep yourself informed


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