EML Recordings latest releases on beatport, DJ Feedback, and latest news

Hi Folks, so much to share with you all this month, so im going to get right on with it.

TODAY 17th April we release : ‘Milestone One’, the Uplifting Trance single by The Decibel Monkeys

After Joining force in 2007 the Decibel Monkeys have smashed it on the London clubbing scene hitting clubs like Pacha, Clapham Grand, SE One, Hidden, Mass.

This supported by their weekly radio slot on London’s award winning Point Blank FM this duo is always sitting on the cutting edge of Trance and Progressive. They started dBM Records back in 2007 with multiple releases with supporting artists.

2010 see’s the Decibel Monkeys being signed to EML Recordings, and with this release and more lined up 2010 looks set to be a BIG one the DBM

Decibel Monkey’s ”Milestone One” Click play button to preview

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Dj feedback for this release

THE VIBE – BFBS RADIO 1 Favourite Track: Milestone One Rating: 4/5 Comments: Quality trance!

MR SPRING Rating: 3/5 Comments: nice epic sounds. Good job, will support.

NEIL MOORE – HEAVENS GATE / CLUB CULTURE Rating: 4/5 Comments: Great work, will play.

Rating: 4/5 Comments: Huge trance workout here. Should do some damage in the main room!

SOLARSTONE – Favourite Track: Milestone One Rating: 3/5 Comments: Downloading for Solarstone.

NIKKI ELISE -KISS FM Favourite Track: Milestone One Rating: 4/5 Comments: 8/10

Rating: 4/5 Comments: Could well work for Jules. Will pass it on.

on 5th April 2010 we released : “Let’s Root”, a global Techno single Release by Titee and a remix by Electromagnetic Impulses

This song is the most suitable song you can hear at any time.

It is guaranteed to lift your spirits .

If you love any type of music you will love this song. If you do not like music you will love this song because it will speak to your heart and love you forever.

Titee ”Lets’ Root” (E.I Remix) Click play button to preview

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on 22nd March 2010 we released : “380 Nanometres“, the Psy Trance single by Electromagnetic Impulses

This full on Psy-Trance release is the first delve into Psy Trance for Electromagnetic Impulses.This is a pounding heavy tribal track, with a slice of industrial Techno thrown in for good measure.

380 Nanometres (Electromagnetic Impulses) Click play button to preview

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Other Popular Releases from EML Recordings

electromagnetic impulses – electron impact

the realm (Electrum Shiv)

jazz sandwich (Electric Okra)

sub merge (video edit) (Crimson Death)

tree of quarters (Alien Syndrome)

purple lipstick mark (Moonshot)

Recent news.

Electric Okra is enjoying some major success over on Resonant Vibes, occupying 1st, 4th, 5th, and 10th place on their hot sellers chart in the Electronica category .VIEW CHARTS HERE

Electromagnetic Impulses has enjoyed chart success over on E-Music with his release ”Uncharted Territory” at time of writing this he occupy’s 57th position in the E-Music power charts in Drum and Bass from 2,000 other releases in the same genre, this release has stayed in the topp 100 for 2 solid months VIEW CHARTS HERE

His track ”Electron Impact” is being played EVERY DAY on Dandelion Radio, on the Pete Jackson show, in addition Alien Syndrome was played every day in December, and Crimson Death was played every day in January.

A huge congractulations to our latest signing ‘Qubenzis Psy Audio’ on winning this prestigeous award.

Alien Syndromes October release ”Invasion” is selling like hot cakes over on Juno, reaching 125th position in the Juno ALL TIME best sellers charts in the category of Psy Trance VIEW CHARTS

In addition to this we are waiting to hear back from Jay Diamond (Rinse FM), and Dj Albury (Rinse FM), who look set to play a few artists off the label on their weekly radio shows (watch this space)

As many of you know Electric Okra, and Crimson Death were played in February on the Best Of My Space podcast

Since signing with EML our artist Antares, has been snapped up by Bonzai records, one of the biggest dance music labels in Belgium, well done to him.

As recently as yesterday 2 ARTISTS off the label were featured on dancetransmissio Radio, in fact EML took over the airwaves on 16th April for 4 hours, with exclusive tracks by Electrum Shiv and new signing bouncy nrg productions

So now it’s time to introduce to vast array of new signings to EML

We would like to welcome on board, Chemical Noize, event organizor, producer and DJ of Hard style, and gabba from South Africa, James Simmons dj and producer of Electro and House from UK,Jam Master Jim, dj, producer, Konflict radio DJ, and event organizor of the infamous ”White Rooms presents” from UK.

DJ Jooki (uk), Snowy (UK), Qubenzis PsyAudio, (Sweeden), Bio Tronic Project (Brazil) AND, Becky Dainton, Dj, Event organizor, and producer from UK,

Recent album reviews have started to come in, and Moonshot in particular are getting prasie across the net for their recent album ”NoSign Of Morning”, some great reviews, and well done to them.

With releases already up on the net taking us right through until the end of July, and releases lined up right through until christmas 2010, this year is going to be huge for all conected to EML THERE’S so much more to tell you all, the best way to keep informed is to either join us on Facebook,(over 1000 members there now), we have also launched a range of EML Recordings merchandize

A HUGE thanks to everyone we have worked with thus far, and apologies to all those i have missed out, there’s simply so many people working for and on behalf of the label , in 2010 there will be some MAJOR changes to EML including re-branding, and the creation of 2 sub labels, but more details about this will be sent to you all closer to them time, we’ll also be creating a new web site next year so you can purchase our releases directly from us


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