Announcing the opnening of the EML online store

To thank you for you support AND to celebrate the opening of our brand new EML Recordings store, we are giving away 100 downloads of the EML Dragon Mix to the first 100 people that make their way over to the store.

The EML Dragon Mix is A 60 minutes DJ Mix Set using tracks from the EML Recordings library of releases selected and mixed by The Mighty Mighty Green Dragon (

Our new store is THE place to go to buy EML Recordings releases, simply have a listen to our releases on our nifty player, and instantly download the ones that you like you can pay securley via pay-pal, or with your credit card, our new releases are cheaper here than on any other store, we offer the highest quality 320 K Bit rate MP3’s, ,AND they will appear on this store a full week before they go for general release.It’s so easy and simple to use our store that EVEN I managed to download the mix

The store is live NOW, so to get your copy of this mix at NO charge go to and go tell your friends (the mix is a one off it wont be released commercially)



60 minutes DJ Mix Set using tracks from the EML Recordings library of releases selected and mixed by The Mighty Mighty Green Dragon (

A veteran of vinyl days when DJ used to speak between tracks he quickly tore up the rule book being written by the new breed of mixing DJs. Never one to be governed by genre, TMMGD’s mixes refuse to just be a collection of random tracks thrown together to ensure a full dance floor. No, each mix becomes a work in it’s own right, almost like a symphony of many movements and moods.

Sit back, relax, turn it up and enjoy.

Tracks used:

Sick (E.I. Remix) – Crimson Death
Building Ig-Loos For Igs – Electromagnetic Impulses & Rigg A Mortis
Who Turned The Lights Out – Moonshot
The Melting and The Madness – ElectricOkra
Long Tall Man Feat. Pixieguts – Electromagnetic Impulses
Hemp Saved My Life – Electromagnetic Impulses ft Corrientes
Full Circle – Enemy Within
Tantrum – Crimson Death
And Now I Am A Ghost – Crimson Death
Amplifiers – ElectricOkra
Jazz Sandwich – ElectricOkra
Get Vertical – Rob Astor
Black Box – Moonshot
Scared – Enemy Within
Its A Dream – Electrum Shiv
Milestone One (Original Mix) – The Decibel Monkeys
Starlight – Remergence
Lets Root (Electromagnetic Impulses Remix) – Titee
Crazy Ride – Alien Syndrome
D-Pression – Acid Trooper
Return 2 The Fire – Crimson Death

File Size 55Mb

Run Time 60 minutes

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