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Happy Solstace Weekend, we have a lot to cover in this update so ,i’ll get on with it starting with the very latest EML Recordings releases.


After the huge success of Decibel MonkeysMilestone One‘ single, they have joined forces with international superstar vocalist ”Marcie”, to give you ‘Primordial Clouds‘.A 2 track single release that will be snapped up by the big players on the dj circuit globally, this is Progressive House at it’s absolute finest courtesy of an outstanding duo that are The Decibel Monkeys, and with the flip side featuring a vocalist that is at the very tippy top of her game, what more could you ask for ??

decibel monkeys featuring marcie – primordial clouds (vocal mix)

This release has been given the support of Steve Anderson (Same Radio), George Vemag (Waves Of Euphoria), in the weeks building up to this release it got play on some 100 plus radio stations, a list of some of the shows that played this release is available HERE

Trance ,did a full one page cover spread on this release , suffice to say this one got a lot of people excited, you can purchase this summer anthem from all the big stores, here’s direct links to the major stores


Track It Down

Amazon Audio Jelly


CLICK HERE, for a comprehensive list of all stores stocking this release

Finally no release is complete without the obligatory youtube video to accompany it, and so the video for this release is HERE

Release date 28TH May 2010

Purple Lipstick Mark, is the most exciting release yet from Moonshot and follows on from the success of their previous three releases through EML

.The original track featured on their ”Who Turned The Lights Out” album is a hit in it’s own right, but to boot you have the extended highly moving Oxford Street mix, and a breaks style Remix by Electromagnetic Impulses.

Each track different but still stays in step with the original.Captivating, thought provoking, and catchy, this will leave you pondering life, the universe and everything, if Einstein was still with us he would snap this one up and add it to his collection, a massive release which will raise eyebrows across the globe and leave everyone that listens with a warm glow in their hearts .Moonshot have really stepped up to the playing field with this one

purple lipstick mark

This release is currently at number ONE in bubblebeats POP Charts


For a comprehensive list of stores stocking this release visit us HERE


Quantum Singularity, follows on from the success ofh Electrum Shiv’s ”Brilliance in Sadows” Hard Dance/Hard Trance EP.You asked for more of the same, and so this time around Electrum has done just that, but upped the tempo and is dishing out some funky seriously addictive Techno, no two ways about it.

As with the previous release, every track is huge, his control over the whole range of the percussion, and the way that the bass and synth riffs grab you, lift you off your feet, throw you around the dance floor, and then gently plonk you back down is an experience that everyone should try at least once, although that being said,once you’ve listened to an Electrum Shiv track, you will want more and more and more. So i’m pleased to say that there is a lot more to come from Electrum Shiv in 2010 and beyond.This guy is bringing Techno back to the UK

coz i can

This relese (all 5 tracks), is available from the EML Recordings online store, cheaper than anywhere else 320k bit rate mp3.

For a comprehensive list of stores stocking this release visit us HERE

EML Recordings / EML Network Radio show

Each and every Thursday 11pm-1am GMT we present to you..the ”EML Network Radio show” on Scrub Radio, a weekly live show hosted by DJ ‘Electromagnetic’ , playing you the finest and freshest EDM music from across the globe, and don’t forget you can join us in the chat room too, for all sorts if fun and games for those that would like to be considered for airplay on the show then feel free to submit your music to us.

The first show went out live on Thursday 17th June, and was a huge success, so don’t forget to tune in next week, and every week thereafter, i urge you all to bookmark the scrub radio home page, register with them and jump into the chat room this coming thursday, it is a LOT of fun !!

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