Marcie Presents and Decibel Monkeys (EML)

Great news comes to me today from Marcie Joy, she is featuring the track she wrote with the DB Monkeys in the latest instalment of the ”Marcie Presents” (Behind the lyrics),

The show goes out live on Tuesday 24th August on

DI.FM Vocal Trance station
-2PM US Eastern
-20:00 Central European Time.

It’s a very exciting show featuring Susana, Kyler England, Emma Lock, Marcie, & Szen.

Marcie presents Behind The Lyric
Marcie’s ‘Behind The Lyric’ episodes have created a whiz mid air. The unique concept now has a firm presence in the bandwidth world. Highlighting aspects of vocal trance and electronic dance music, the show features vocal greats and producers whom we listen to in our day-to-day life.
Trance is a genre dominated by riffs, beats and synths. Vocals form a reminisced space in everyone’s heart and are interpreted differently by different listeners. Knowing the aspirations behind those mighty, sensuous and trippy vocals can really give an insight of the lives singers live and the way they envision things around them. ‘Behind The Lyric’ comes across as a very intimate listening experience. Adorned with dreamy voices of vocalists, you can hear them husking and whispering their deep sentiments. The journey feels like a one-way communication, where one loves to listen, get inspired, unfold the lyrical enigma and gratify inner curiosities. Though it is a talk show, you are also taken on a musical sojourn when the vocal melodies are played in between to create the perfect listening experience.
The radio show is broadcast on (Digitally Imported), Radio and over 40 other major FM and online radio stations magnetizing up to 80,000 listeners worldwide. Some popular features on BTL: JES, Paul Oakenfold, Roger Shah, Tiff Lacey, Anita Kelsey, Jaren, Aruna, Julie Thompson, Colleen Kelly and a lot more!
Feel the arrest of self-discovering tales; what else can be more meaningful and important than narrating all that it takes to create the masterpiece poetries.
TUNE IN right now and let us know how you feel about this beautiful radio show. Leave a comment on this page or directly send your messages to Marcie by clicking on the feedback link on the right side of this page.
Marcie says, “The spoken words of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music. You can hear ‘Behind The Lyric’ on my website as well as on various EDM stations. Future episodes are in progress, and will feature incredible Artists with more riveting looks behind the lyric.”
Trance Hub has now teamed with Marcie to take the lyrical experience one step ahead. You can tune in right here just after the show is broadcast and download the podcast.
For more info related to Behind The Lyric check out the following link:
Written by: Apoorv

So needless to say EML Recordings is very excited about this :)..we hope you can join us there


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