EML Recordings Podcast 7

This is the EML Recordings podcast 7 for September / October 2010, 90 minutes of BRAND NEW tracks, due to come out of the EML stable in 2011 , for more info about all of the artists played please visit. http://www.emlrecordings.com
Hosted by the founder of EML (DJ Electromagnetic)


Track 1 : ‘London Skyline’ (Original Mix) by Marvin Lawson
Track 2 : ‘Trust Me’ by Biotronic Project
Track 3 : ‘Masonic Lodge’ by Pete Harris
Track 4: ‘Do It’ (Remix) by Clubsonica
Track 5: ‘Music is my Medication (Remix) by Electromagnetic Impulses
Track 6: ‘Currawong Fall (Remix) by Crimson Death
Track 7 : ‘Tuff Times’ by Mr Gusto
Track 8 : ‘Arches’ by Electrum Shiv
Track 9 : ‘God’s Do Exist’ by Chemical Noize
Track 10: ‘I Never Thought’ by Gary N
Track 11: ‘Over N Out’ (Intro Mix) by Snowy


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