Latest Releases

Released 3rd Dec 2010

Breakpoint is the first release by James Simmons through EML Recordings and coincides with his live set at the Ministry Of Sound on the same day (3rd Dec 2010).
James is a Progressive House expert, this track has all the right ingredients to turn the dance floor into a frenzy of waving arms and smiling faces.
Classic Progressive House kicks, build ups, breakdowns and catchy synth patterns makes this yet another exciting global release for EML in 2010.
Get yourself down to the Ministry Of Sound on release day to enjoy this one the way it was meant to be enjoyed (In a packed venue full of party goers)


Released on 26th November 

“Acousticophobia” by Chemical Noize.

This album Is the very first All Hardstyle / Gabba Release from S.Africa EVER, if you like your music fast, and as hard as it get’s then this is the one for you.

Absolute fury, pure adrenalin, aggression is the order of the day here, with a complete unique and rich style that is not matched by any other producer of this genre.


Qubenzis Psy Audio Release date Friday 19th Nov

 Full On, Progressive psytrance !!
The second and latest album published by QPA this year. 66 min, 
8 tracks solid psytrance. The style ranges from Dark chill and Full 
On Psychedelic Trance to progressive melodic. This is about what 
happened a very long time ago when scientists mixed the genes 
from the Alien green species with a hairy stomping mammal’s.


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