Jan / Feb Releases, Updates, News, and Much Much More

Latest Releases, News, Updates, (Feb 2011 Newsletter), Jam packed with goodies

Lot’s to get through so let’s get started

2011 has already been good for EML, with 3 releases topping various download charts, a “Best Of….” Release coming your way, gig’s to tell you about, awards have been won, Cd’s launched, mixes , radio shows, video’s, all are going to be covered in this newsletter, our first Bumper packed edition, and even some freebies on offer..so keep reading !

Chris Golding – Chaos Theory (Uplifting Trance)



One of our first releases in 2011 was this one by UK, Chris Golding, a beautiful Uplifting Trance anthem. This release came hot off the heels of Shaun Williams ”Amore Vita” and found it’s way into the top 10 on E-Music’s Trance download charts under the new release section. 

Good news comes in the form that Chris is currently working on some new releases for later this year, and so you haven’t heard the last from this very talented producer from us.

Click the play button to preview this single and to find out more about Chris


Available to preview and purchase NOW from...




In Addition to the success of Chris G, another of our 2011 releases has already enjoyed some chart success with a No1 spot on Juno Download’s Electro House charts and currently EML’s best selling release yet on that particular store..I am of course talking about the highly popular DySFUCNTIONAL RoTary EnCoder . 

His single ”So Long, Farewell, goodbye, f*ck off” , was given a glowing pre-release review by our friends at Buzzin Media, and even briefly entered Amazon’s top 200 Electronica Charts, from over a quarter of a MILLION other releases in that genre !

You can read the review, preview the tracks, and find out more about DySFUCNTIONAL RoTary EnCODER by visiting him at http://rotary-encoder-dysfunctional.believeband.com/

Hit the Play button below to have a listen


Available to preview and Download NOW from…



Sean B -Winter Fierce (Progressive House Single)

At the end of January we released ”Winter Fierce” by Progressive House producer Sean B. A 2 track single release featuring 2 versions of his track ”The Mission” , the original and the ‘Freedom Mix’. 

Sean Has recently been homing his mixing skills as well as his production skills, and supported by his show on Base radio has come a long way since we first met in 2010.

So successful has this track been that not only does it feature on the ”Best Of EML 2010” CD (see below for more details about this), but the release was picked up by well known DJ/Producer, and owner of Base FM , ‘Simon Sinfiled’ , who has since done a remix, and will be releasing it soon through EML..more details about that will appear in the next update.

Hit the play button to have a listen



Available to Preview and Download NOW from…


PsykoTroniK – ‘In The Beginning’ (Tech House / Techno) EP

Our 4th Jan Release was a journey into the mind and music of PsykoTroniK, with his EP ”In The Beginning”.

This is an example of another talented young producer with a big future, very recently he has produced the track of his life, and there will be more to come from him later in the year, until then enjoy this taster

Click the Play button to have a listen




Available to Preview and Download from..


Best Of EML Recordings 2010 now available on CD and Digital Download

EML Recordings 2010 is now available on CD, and Digital Download from the EML Recordings on-line store by visiting us at : (Auto-play’s a 30 second clip of each track) 


Alternatively click the play button below


For those that don’t know the story behind this, our biggest ever release..here’s the lowdown.

On 23rd Dec, and again on 30th Dec 2010, on the EML Network Radio show , we played one track by each EML Recordings artist… a total of 40 tracks over the course of the two shows.

Whilst each track was being played, the stations chat room was used as a live vetting room, with each ‘chatter’ giving their rating out of ten for each track as it was played. The top 20 tracks with the overall highest score was then put forward and used to create ‘The Best Of EML Recordings 2010’ release, giving you TUNE AFTER TUNE of sheer bliss

This will go on General release on the 10th March


ON 4TH Feb, we put out our first batch of Re-Releases.

All of the releases below are available from the EML Recordings on-Line store athttp://www.emlrecordings.org

For those of you that are new to EML Recordings, and to those that might have missed them last time around they are..

1:) Primordial Clouds (Decibel Monkeys Feat Marcie Joy) – Progressive House

Originally released in 2010 this single was a huge success, being picked up by many of the worlds leading DJ’s, such as Steve Allen,  and then featured on the ”Marcie Presents” show, which has an estimated audience of 80,000 listeners.

Click the Play Button for FULL details, purchase links, previews, and to for the Promotional Video



2:) Who Turned The Light’s Out ?? (Moonshot) – Vocal Electro

When we first put this release out in 2009, we really didn’t think that it got the attention it deserved, perhaps it was because EML was in it’s infancy at the time, who knows .

So we felt it time to resurrect this Electro-Pop classic by Moonshot.

Worth noting that this was played Live by Moonshot in 2010, as the opener to ”Pride” in Margate UK.

For Full details, including the promo video, download and preview links hit the play button




Then on 11th Feb just one week later we Re-Release Crimson Death’s ”The Crystalline Imprint” Drum N Bass / Industrial Jungle album, which comes out just a few weeks before his brand new album ”Atrophy” which you will find out more about in next moths newsletter

Now that EML has cast it’s net wider than before, and has a much larger audience, were looking forward to seeing this re-release doing well, it was already one of EML’s best selling releases on Juno, and so this time around we think it will have wider appeal, now that we are in the limelight.

To preview this release just click that play button




Then on the 18th Feb we keep with the Drum N Bass / Breaks them with the Re-Release of Electromagnetic Impulses ”Hemp Saved My Life” single (Featuring Corrientes).

This track has recently been getting a lot of airplay on Amazing Radio, and is another one that should do well again, after originally enjoying a lot of success on Beatport, this also comes just a few weeks before Electromagnetic’s brand new EP ‘Wishmaster”, again something you’ll be hearing more about in next months newsletter.

I think you know by now what to click !!



Looking Ahead

Looking a bit further ahead we have an absolute barrage of quality releases lined up..we’ll start with our next release, which is coming to you all on the 11th of February and looks set to take the world of Break Beat’s by the scruff of the neck and place it firmly back on the ”What’s Hot” list, courtesy of Clubsonica.

Clubsonica are a renowned Russian Duo, who have already been featured on Beatport just a few months back with their remix of ”Do It” and so are no strangers to a lot of people.

The release that they are putting out has been quite aptly described as Ground Breaking, it’s full on Breaks with one hell of a catchy twist, there are elements of just about every genre of dance music intertwined in both tracks off this stunning EP, that will have your heart racing, and leave you begging for more.

I personally have been looking forward to this release for a long time

To have a listen to this click the play button


The next NEW Release after this one will be at the very end of February, when the Rotary Encoder Dysfucntional hits you all again with his unique blend of vocal electro.

Preview is available on Juno



March see’s EML’s busiest period yet, with a dozen releases coming out..that’s an average of one release every 2-3 days..so here’s a very quick date diary of what’s coming..and more details will be in the next newsletter

4th March : Decibel Monkeys ”Milestone One”  re-release

4th March – Moonshot ”Black Box” Re-Release

4th March – Crimson Death “Atrophy”

6th March – Electro Muted “Breaking It In”

11th March – Electrum Shiv “Quantum Singularity” Re-Release

11th March – Electromagnetic Impulses “Wishmaster”

16th March – Sean B + Simon Sinfield “The Mission”

21st March – Prime Bass “Nocturnal”

23rd March – Pfaff-Brill “Geek”

24th March – Electric Okra “The Melting and the Madness” Re-Release

28th March – Viruss “Believe”

Free Stuff

For those of you out there that either have no money, or are just plain lazy, fear not, we have some free tracks for you.(We like to cater for everyone).

Electrum Shiv






Alien Syndrome





Electromagnetic Impulses



For those of you out there that are SERIOUS music Junkies, then why not visit our Soundcloud group, where there is over 1,000 free tracks on offer !!



Artist Spotlight – Shaun Williams


Every Once in a While we get some artists that really do seem to be pulling out all the stop’s, Shaun Williams is one of those artists. 

His recent single release ”Amore Vita” topped Juno’s Trance download charts at christmas , he also features very high up in GBRP Promotions ”Radio play” charts for the Boston and New England areas of the USA, he has just finished the lastest installment of his highly popular podcast, and now he’s been given a ”DJ of the Month” award, this is all in addition to appearing in his local newspaper, AND getting his music played on BBC introducing, not once but twice, and NOW he’ working on a collaboration track with Steve Allen.

Suffice to say that Shaun is certainly rising towards stardom at a quick pace…to find out more about him why not visit his web site at.


Gary N- Lights & Sound – Coming Soon

This is a preview of what is coming soon through EML Recordings, courtesy of Gary N, this is an absolute corker of  track, and one we are VERY much looking forward to putting out.

Dartchaday – EsquiJokér ( demo version )

Another artist with a release lined up through EML later in 2011, this Psytrance beauty will form part of a very exciting EP from Dartchaday


The Title say’s it all..HARD AND FAST ..it doesn’t get any more aggressive then this

And Finally

What follows is a list of ALL the artists signed up to EML Recordings, many of who’m don’t yet appear on the home page of the official EML Web site, as they have not yet put out a release, this just goes to show you that EML Recordings has a LOT of plans, we have releases coming out 12 months ahead of the current date, like i said we really are here to stay.

That’s all for this months newsletter folks.



Acid Trooper 

Acid Trooper (Psy-Trance)


Electrum Shiv 

Electrum Shiv, (Techno/Breaks/Club/Dance)


 Biotronic Project 

Bio Tronic Project, (Psy Trance)


Decibel Monkeys 

The Decibel Monkeys (Uplifting progressive House, Trance)


 Alien Syndrome 

Alien Syndrome (Psy Trance)


Jam Master Jim 

Jam Master Jim (Drum N Bass)


DJ Jooki 

Dj Jooki (Drum N Bass, Dub, Experimental)


Chemical Noize 

Chemical Nioze (Hard Dance/ Gabba / Industrial)


Qubenzis Psy Audio 

Quebenzis Psy audio (Psy Trance)


Kill Bill 

Kill Bill (Psy Trance)


James Simmons 

James Simmons (House, Tech House, Prog House)


 Crimson Death 

Crimson Death (Drum N Bass/ Industrial)


Electromagnetic Impulses 

Electromagnetic Impulses (EDM all styles)



Moonshot (urban beats with pop melodies)



Remergence (Trance, House, Club, Dance)


Electric Okra 

ElectricOkra (House, Funk, Electro)



Antares (Techno, Trance, Minimalist)



Enemy Within 

The Enemy Within (Electronica, Techno, Breaks)



Novastyle (IDM, Experimental, Psy-Trance)


DJ Sean B 

DJ SeanB ( Prog House, Prog Trance)


DJ Domenian 

DJ Domenian ( Prog House, Prog Trance)



project 69 (Drum N Bass, Jungle)



Electro Muted (EDM all Genres)



Shaun Williams 

Shaun Williams ( Prog House, Prog Trance)


DJ Sqeak 

Dj Sqeak ( Drum N Bass , Jungle, Breaks)




Clubsonica (Breaks)



Gareth Bannister 

Gareth Bannister (Techno, Tech House, House)




Snowy (Trance, Club)



Gusto Heavy Artillry 

Gusto Heavy Artillery (Drum and Bass)



Marvin Lawson 

Marvin Lawson (Progressive House, House, Trance)




RoTARY EnCODER DySFUNCTIONAL (Electronica, Electro, Funk)



DJ Neuro Prime 

D J Neuro Prime (Electro House, Breaks, Drum and Bass)



Phil Jones (WuW) 

Phil Jones (WuW)(Drum and Bass)



Raz Kfir 

Raz Kfir(Psytrance)




Illuminati (Psy Trance)




PsykoTroniK (Electronica, EDM)



Dare 2 

Dare2 (All genres of EDM)


Gary N 

Gary N (House, Prog House)




M.z.K (Electronica, Trance, Breakbeat)



Chris Golding 

Chris Golding (Trance)




M.I.P (Made In Punjab) (Indian Psy Trance)



Alex Over 

Alex Over (Tech House, Techno, Electronica)


Pfaff – Brill (Vocal Electro)

Prime Bass (Hard Dance / Hard Trance)

Viruss (Hard Dance / Hard Trance)

Ivan Ivezic (House, Electro, Drum N Bass. Breaks)

Dj Foo (Drum N Bass, House, Alternative)

Dartchaday (PsyTrance)

Coming Soon..Severley Hostile, Alex Mcgrath, Don Carter, and many more

For bookings and general enquiries please contact us here

Please note that we are not taking on any more artists at this time.

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