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Featured Releases

Starting off With Drum N Bass, courtesy Of Crimson Death’s new album ‘Atrophy’


Listen & find out more about this release here

Atrophy blasts your system with powerful low end delivered through dark, dynamic drum and bass compositions.

Each track has a unique sound, once again lending an epic quality to Crimson’s work.

This L.P. features four collaborations and pummels it’s way through eight tracks of sonic madness. Guaranteed to slam your subs to the limit!

Available to Preview / Download NOW from …





Listen & find out more about this release here

Another Classic Electro smash by the DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER, this follows hot on the heels of his track ”So Long..” which we released in Jan, and topped Juno’s Electro / House download charts.

THIS release has gone one better by topping Juno’s Electro Charts for a period of 2 weeks, and even made the front page of Juno on their single chart.

Full of emotion from a producer that has had a huge amount of success on soundcloud, and had a glowing review from Buzzing Media, a rising star and one to watch out for

Available to Preview / Download NOW From..

Listen & find out more about this release here 

As Featured on Beatport in ‘Breaks’

Ground Breaking Break Beats.

Dark, Energizing, yet somehow uplifting, this really is a world class single, no two ways about it, this will have ANY dance floor going nuts.

The bass riffs are just to die for, so well produced, you can tell that Clubsonica have really got their teeth stuck into both tracks, and have complete command over every single’s just pure sweet bliss, play this on your set and trust me your crowd will be your loyal servants for ever.

It’s tracks like this that make a club night unforgettable.

The project ”Clubsonica”was created in late 2009 trance musician Maxim Loktionova [ Sandboy Sound ] and drum and bass producer Vladimir Polehovym [ Volodya Mental ]. Soon joined by Michael Manuilov [ mms Project ]

Clubsonica – a rapidly developing project, aimed at both a broad audience and on the ‘prohavannogo’ listener. A distinctive feature of the music – it’s beautiful melodic Party shifting to the aggressive bass and Lida. Everything is done as they say, for the soul and body.




Simon Sinfield Remixes Sean B

Listen & find out more about this release here 

EML Recordings continuous with its campaign to bring you all the very best music that the world has to offer.

This time it’s the turn of Simon Sinfield (Base Radio) (Fire Radio) taking on Sean B’s ‘The Mission’ the result is an outstanding Progressive House anthem, tailor made for the clubber and DJ Alike.

Simon already has enjoyed chart success with such labels as New State Music, and even had a track on ‘Godskitchen Ibiza’, so were proud to have him working with EML

More to come from both artists throughout 2011 via EML Recordings.

Electromagnetic Impulses

Listen & find out more about this release here 

This 5 track EP from UK Electromagnetic Impulses (Jason Mallett), is without doubt his finest creation yet.

Many followers of this intrepid artist thought that he had reached the limit of perfection with his previous and successful releases in 2009 (String Theory) and again in 2010 with his ‘Uncharted Territory’ EP, but he is back to prove that once again he is the true master of all genres.

What follows is 6 spell bindingly addictive tracks progressive Trance is the main theme, but with a breaks Remix, and A hardstyle pounder that will have any dance floor heaving, and quite possibly the biggest Ibiza style club anthem of 2011, this release has something for everyone

This is what DJ Crimson Death had to say about this release after listening to the pre-masters in Nov 2010

“sat down with my earphones and listened to your EP

Gotta say, it’s your best work yet! Its a psy-techno journey into the heart of modern dance music itself. Excellent job brutha!!! I’m proud of you.

The progressions and layers are dark and complex, yet simple enough as not to detract from the sonic nature of the tracks.

Electromagnetic Impulses is back!!!”


Available to Preview / Download NOW from..


Prime Bass

Listen & find out more about this release here 

Prime Bass is one of S.Africa’s finest up and coming Hard Trance producers, each track on this EP is produced to the very highest standard, as you have all come to expect through EML.

With growing world wide support from DJ’s and Radio stations alike this is going to be yet another name thrust into the limelight courtesy of EML.

Time to get the crowd worked up, time to get lost in a Jungle of Ambient sound, as the clubbers in S.Africa are now’s ”Prime Time” !!

Available to preveiew /Download NOW from


Electro Muted

Listen & find out more about this release here 

As Featured in ”Dub Step” on Beatport

Electro Muted has been around music since the age of 7 where he started playing piano instructed by his father as well as private lessons by a well known pianist in NJ. As time went on he started taking lessons playing Bass guitar.

After a lot of networking , and a lot of practice he now puts his talents and experience to use with this, his first release through EML.

A fusion of breaks and Dub Step is what is on offer here, with some pretty nifty synth stabbs and some heavy drum patterns.

Available to Preview / Download From..


Pfaff – Brill

Listen & find out more about this release here 

Just your average Geek. That´s Pfaff-Brill. He is into electronic music ever since he got his paws on his first home computer, an Amstrad CPC back in 1984. Starting to enjoy producing soundtracks in the late 80ies on Amigas and Ataris, he is now sitting in the basement making dark electronic sounds and vocal tracks with any machine he can get access to.

Available to Preview /Download NOW from…





”Illuminati” – Psytrance album – out on Monday 28th March


Viruss  – Hard House /Trance EP out Monday 28th March


Gary N – Lights & Sound “Club / House” Single – Out Monday 4th April


Artist Spotlight

It’s almost impossible to single out just one artist for this months ”spotlight”, with so many EML Artists performing well, and with some truly massive releases coming soon from the Likes of Gary N, Illuminati, Marvin Lawson, and with several artists doing well in the download charts, such as Shaun Williams, Crimson Death, Clubsonica, and Electro Muted.

I have decided to spotlight ‘DySFCUTNTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER” AKA Ronnie, for his 2nd No 1 on Juno this year, and for making it onto the front Page of Juno, and making the top 20 ”singles” chart for all genres on Juno, AND for his outstanding review, on Buzzin Media, which you can now read in Full Below

Buzzin Electronic Music DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER ? Single Review Joy Andrews – Monday 28.02.11, 09:43am

TB303 ? Don?t Leave Me Tonight ? DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER



Buzzin Media are delighted to review the release of TB303- Don?t Leave Me Tonightby DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER out on EML Recordings on 28th February. DR E aka Ronnie Pollock Musician/Producer is set to ignite the JunoCharts one more time with this almighty track , following the success of his first release ?So Long, Farewell, Goodbye?Fuck Off, which reached number one in the Juno Electro House charts in January.  As in most of his music, this track is full of passion for his beloved TB303 sounds, which is one of his DySFUNCTIONAL signatures on his powerful and emotive tracks.  For those of you who are unaware of the TB303 it is an iconic piece of hardware that creates the sounds made popular in Acid Rave tracks in the 80?s 7 90?s. Ronnie Pollock obviously loves the sound and the track ?TB303 Don?t Leave Me Tonight? is him singing to his beloved TB303, as it has definitely got a hold on him!

DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER?s Soundcloud profile is full of amazing tracks that have a consistent injection of the TB303 which are bound to ignite the dance floors. DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER is well known on Soundcloud for his humble profile which informs the reader that he knows very little about music, which quite obviously is not the case!

Here is how DySFUNCTIONAL RoTARY EnCODER promotes himself to the outside world. However, once you get to know him, you will feel inspired by his skills as a Producer his creativity as a Musician and his passion for music.

No smoke without fire?



Here you found a man who knows not only nothing about music but also knows next to nothing about life.

Ronnie Pollock (AKA D R E or DR E to his friend) is a rhythmically and musically challenged human being. DR E has ZERO knowledge of music genera or musical
composition, seriously limited playing ability, extremely poor vocal ability and absolutely no desire to improve.

On this page you find the most bizarre and extremely irritating collection of random music created by possibly the worlds biggest weirdo.

Let the world celebrate my uselessness!


EML Recordings is holding 2 Remix competitions one by Biotronic Project and one by Crimson Death.

Here’s the lowdown on the Biotronic Project Remix Comp, plus the link to grab the stem

All remixes will be delivered until June 10
Post your remix on soundcloud and send me a link in my e-mail (
All files in Wav 16 bits
The link in description
Any genre
Release by EML Recordings
Only 10 remixes will be selected
DOWNLOAD LINK ject_-_Faith___Re.html

I like 4shared BioTronic Project – Faith (Remix Contest).rar

Details about the Crimson Death Remix will appear in next months newsletter !

2 EML Recordings artists recently received ”Artist Of The Week” Awards






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(Release Date 29/04/2011) EML Recordings

For more information
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Release Date 28th March

Coming Soon through EML Recordings

A little progressive trance track I made in collab with BioTronic(BRA) using Ableton Live coming soon through EML

Club instrumental version by Gary Noakes. coming soon through EML

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