April / May Newsletter, Latest Releases, News , Remix competitions and more

It’s been a whole month since the last newsletter and in that time EML has released no less than 18 brand new titles, so there is a mountain of music and news to share with you all, what follows is a look back at some of those releases , and a very brief look forward to what is to come through this fast growing institution of talented musicians , producers and DJ’s ..enjoy the journey !!

Featured Releases

Release date 18th April 2011

Listen & find out more about this release here

Featured Release on Beatport, Masterbeat, and on

Juno Recommends ‘Psytrance’

Biotronic Project is back with a brand new extended EP for 2011, following on from one of EML’s most successful releases in 2010 by Biotronic Project, which was of course his ”Feel It” EP

This time Biotronic, has switched from full on Psytrance, into something a little more relaxing, and aided by DJ Adam on the final collaborative tracks on this release you are greeted with a very progressive Trance astounding EP, each track is over 10 minutes in length and takes you on a cosmic journey into the very far flung reaches of your mind

An artist that topped E Musics Trance charts for a whole month is an artist that is worth listening to, and this release is no exception, we fully expect this release to emulate the previous one by Biotronic Project, subtle, gentle, at times furious, this release really does have it all, and it’s available NOW

Available to Preview / Download NOW from …

Release Date 18th March

Listen & find out more about this release here

A very speical collaboration 2 track ‘Breaks’ Release

from 2 artists who have been with EML since the very beginning

This release combines the strength of a predominantly industrial strength d+B artist (Crimson Death), with a predominantly Electro act (Moonshot), and has the stunning vocal range and ability of Nikki Booth thrown in for good measure.

What results is somewhere in between the 2 genres, (Breaks) , but with elements of both genres evident in both tracks from this massive release. Both tracks have the best elements of Crimson’s Dark Drum N Bass trax that we have all become accustomed to, amens a plenty, deep sub’s, and high end synth’s, and added to this we have the more uplifting , thought provoking elements of Moonshot, when you throw in the sheer power and atmosphere of Nikki on the vox, then you have a very powerful 2 track single, that is well worth the asking price.

Available to Preview / Download NOW From..

Listen & find out more about this release here

As Featured on Masterbeat under ‘Progressive House’

Sean B and Simon Sinfield join forces once again to bring you another healthy dose of Progressive House medicine for your ears. Sean B (Base Radio) claims rights to the original , his style of minimal Progressive House, is starting to catch the interest of the EML followers, this single crowns his finest moment yet, with a well thought out, and flowing single.

The reverse side is by established producer Simon Sinfield (Fire FM), he has taken the original mix apart, thrown it on it’s side, and injected some raw power into this track, to conjour up a marvellous club anthem that haas already seen the release get a guest spot on Masterbeat, and will no doubt top a chart somewhere


Release Date 11th April – Marvin Lawson – Progressive Trance debut single

Listen & find out more about this release here PURE BLISS

This release comprises of 2 Jaw dropping progressive Trance mixes of ‘London Skyline’ by debut artist to EML ‘Marvin Lawson’

Both mixes are jam packed with energy, a full on journey into the very essence of your being, and a release that has not attracted a single negative comment from all that have heard it.

Pulsating, dynamic, fluid, and without doubt one of the most uplifting and inspiring releases yet to come out of EML

Available to Preview / Download NOW from

Released 4th April

Listen & find out more about this release here

The Progressive Release have been coming thick and fast through EML of late, but none have had more commercial appeal and value than this one by up and coming super star Gary N

with support from Sam Koen, Mert Onat (deepsoundsfm , proclubinfm), Fernando Ferreyra (Renaissanse, Feed, Evolution, Sub-Sounds), to name just a few , you’ll again understand why EML is itching to get the sales report through from this one 🙂

What follows is 2 unforgettable takes on a very progressive house track ”Lights And Sound”, and with an average DJ rating of 9.3 on Release Promo, it’s no suprise that our friends at GBRP promotions have also picked this one up, and it’s getting commercial airplay state side.

Gary is also this months spotlight artist, with several large projects on the go, and another release due out on 6th May, were pulling out all the stops with this highly talented producer / DJ, and we think the music should do the rest of the talking for us, SO go have a listen

Available to Preview / Download NOW from..

Release date 28th March

Top 30 on Amazon’s Trance album charts, and top 50 on Track It Down’s ‘Psytrance’ download charts

Listen & find out more about this release here

This album is the finest Psytrance album yet to come out of EML, Illuminati (Daniel & Roby) have conjoured up no less than 10 massive uplifting, full on beauty’s with this release, an album that is already in Amazon’s top 30, and there top 3,000 albums across all genres, speaks for itself

Full on funky, progressive, uplifting, outrageously slick production and mastering skills, are all there in this album, a strong contender for EML’s most successful album release thus far, and one that will be hard to emulate, top class, bang on perfection

We Speak for Earth has gained global support from everyone that has listened to it, it’s time to bow down to the superior specie’s..theEML Illuminati” !!

Available to preveiew /Download NOW from

Release Date 28th March

Listen & find out more about this release hereAs Support from Laylah Driscoll and the Tidy Boys

This EP by Viruss is pure Hard House, absolute energy, pumping and fully loaded, an EP that is soon to get thrust into the limelight with the support of the ‘Tidy Boys’ (Tidy Trax), if you like go really get down and dirty on the dance floor this release will satisfy you, , screams of ”Rewind” are going to be heard all over the world when the tracks off this EP filter down into the clubs

Viruss really knows how to push your ”Dance Mode” buttons, each track has powerful synths, cleverly designed and layered to give just the right amount of umph to each track, the kicks, and bass lines are all written to a specific design, that is accustomed to Hard House, absolute power, presentation and funk is the order of the day here

Play it, and turn it up LOUD !!..just remember to warn the neighbours first !

Available to Preview / Download From..

Many thanks goes to our friends at GBRP Promotions, who have helped EML to claim 5 of the top 50 places

based on airplays in the New England area of the USA .

the FULL charts are available here


Shaun Williams, Bex Thurston Give Me the Chance (Vocal Mix)

Release date: 22.04.2011
Crimson Death Sick Again

Release date: 22.04.2011
Jamie Mac The Long Road
JAMIE MACThe Long Road

Release date: 22.04.2011
Decibel Monkeys Daystar

Release date: 29.04.2011
Reticulum A Test of Time

Release date: 29.04.2011
Electromagnetic Impulses, Pixieguts, Rigg-a-Mortis, Crimson Death Uncharted Territory

Release date: 29.04.2011
DJ Solano Find My Way Back
DJ SOLANOFind My Way Back

Release date: 02.05.2011
PsykoTroniK Carved In Stone

Release date: 02.05.2011
Gary N It's Just a Feeling
GARY NIt’s Just A Feeling

Release date: 06.05.2011

Artist Spotlight



Genres: Electronica/Dance / House/progressive house/trance
Label: EML Recordings

ARTIST BIOSinger songwriter / dj / producer / remixer

Currently working with: Kay Jay (from huge dance anthem Last night a DJ saved my life; Jill Helena, remix of “Unconditional”. My own release “lights & sound” was out this week with a follow up in 6 weeks.
Been writing music since age of 15.Started with guitars, singing, writing & moved into Dj’ing, midi and music technology at 17.
Current material oncompilation albums, single releases and remixes for top artists as well as production work. I DJ in my home town of Brighton. Always up for gigs and production work, remixes etc so if interest give me a shout 🙂 Thanks, Gary.


I’m always looking for others to to work with. Whether you are a vocalist looking for remixes or production, a management team wanting songs for your artists or labels interested in my own material/remixes, promoters wanting a DJ set I am always interested in hearing from you.

Please message him or email him directly at: garynoakes@hotmail.co.uk

Gary has achieved so much recently you can hear a lot of his new work on soundcloud by visiting him at http://soundcloud.com/garynoakes

Here’s just SOME of the feedback Gary has enjoyed with his recent release ”Lights & Sound” which is available now from I Tunes,Beatport, Juno, Track It Down, etc etc etc

April 17, 2011 DJ Persona DJ Persona DJ 5 Good Maybe Radio Mix goood track herer lol
April 10, 2011 Anthony Gelo DJ 5 Average Maybe Radio Mix sounds very european
April 06, 2011 Arhtur Robinson DJ 4 Good Yes Radio Mix very nice will lay
April 06, 2011 Enzo Persueder Enzo Persueder DJ, Radio 6 Good Yes Radio Mix UN BUON PRODOTTO
April 06, 2011 Randy Schlager Randy Schlager DJ, Radio 7 Good Maybe Radio Mix simple, clean, clear upfront vocals
April 05, 2011 Charles McDonald DJ Charles Radio 6 Good Maybe Radio Mix good beat good mix
April 05, 2011 Bryant S Littlejohn DJ Bryant Radio 8 Very Good Yes Club Mix LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
April 04, 2011 Wayne Murray DJ Wayno DJ 8 Good Maybe Radio Mix its got soem meat!!
April 04, 2011 Derek Harri DJ DiRRty HaRRi DJ 7 Good Yes Radio Mix solid track, great beats !

supporting DJ’s for this release in addition to the above are :

Mert Onat

Score: 8
Country: Turkey
Radio Show: deepsoundsfm , proclubinfm, beattunes
Fernando Ferreyra

Score: 10
Country: Argentina
Radio Show: Dreamers on Frisky Radio
Venues: Renaissanse, Feed, Evolution, Sub-Sounds

And his brand new release ”It’s Just A Feeling” coming out on 6th May, is set to take the club and radio world by storm, 4 mixes, all with huge commercial potential, all of which are available to preview NOW on Juno (see link above)


EML Recordings is holding 2 Remix competitions one by Biotronic Project and one by Crimson Death.

Here’s the lowdown on the Biotronic Project Remix Comp, plus the link to grab the stem

All remixes will be delivered until June 10
Post your remix on soundcloud and send me a link in my e-mail (biotronic.project@hotmail.com)
All files in Wav 16 bits
The link in description
Any genre
Release by EML Recordings
Only 10 remixes will be selected
http://www.4shared.com/file/G-JAn6DB/BioTronic_Pro ject_-_Faith___Re.html


I like 4shared BioTronic Project – Faith (Remix Contest).rar

Details about the Crimson Death Remix will appear in next months newsletter !

2 EML Recordings artists recently received ”Artist Of The Week” Awards

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