EML Recordings taking music discovery to the next level with web radio

EML Recordings taking music discovery to the next level with web radio

May, 18th 2011 10:30

EML Recordings have announced a new online radio station, EML Radio, consisting of over 1,000 Techno / Trance / Drum & Bass / Breaks / Psytrance / House /Progressive / Electro House / Dubstep / Jungle / Electro / Lounge / Gabba / Leftfield / tracks.

Now broadcasting 24/7, EML Radio plays non-stop dance music tracks from every genre, and every sub genre, from either EML Recordings artists, OR from the extended family of EML network producers.

And the best part?

Details, of course… tiny details.

• Listeners can rate tracks.

• Also, there’s a playlist widget displaying the current song, and the previous 10 tracks, complete with artist names, track titles and associated artwork.

• The radio station also has a fully functioning chat room for the interactive types, adding the all important social element.

• In addition to 128K bit rate streaming.

• Oh – and they’ve even added direct-buy links to all the songs, allowing users to automatically purchase their favourite tracks direct from iTunes and Last.FM

Jason at EML Recordings said of their new channel:

I guess I pride myself on the fact that we’re not playing the usual commercial tosh that pours out of commercial radio stations, and since I have the rights (or permission) to play all of the tracks that we play there’s no legal issues.

Well Jason, we’re also proud of your amazing use of technology; combining social interaction, and music discovery for your artists is innovative promotion and we wish you the best of luck.

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