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It’s been a whole month since the last newsletter and in that time EML has released no less than 18 brand new titles, so there is a mountain of music and news to share with you all, what follows is a look back at some of those releases , and a very brief look forward to what is to come through this fast growing institution of talented musicians , producers and DJ’s ..enjoy the journey !!

Featured ReleasesReleased on 22nd April 2011

Listen & find out more about this release here

Featured on Juno Recommends ‘Trance’ , was also featured in ‘Trance’ on Masterbeat,  topped Juno’s ”Trance” download charts for a 2 weeks, is currently riding high on Amazon’s Trance charts, AND E music’s Trance charts , aVERY successful release, airplay fromBBC Radio’s introducing show AND Shaun met up with Bex just last weekend to record this live at Hatch Studio’s , more airplay for this track coming soon via BBC Radio !

Shaun Williams is back, with another uplifting Trance anthem. Bex Thurston add’s the vocal dimension to this the vocal edit, with her angelic and powerful voice, making this track rise up and take you to a the place that all good Trance music should. With the support of BBC radio, local press, Trance Dance Fusion, and GBRP promotions this commercial single will be expected to top several charts, giving Shaun his 2nd No 1 in 2011.(which it did) !!

Release Date 22nd Apil

Listen & find out more about this release here

A unique Mix n blend of Modern day Electro House bass, and classic old school Trance synth

from an artist who is not afraid to tread his own pathThis release combines the best elements of both genres, to bring to you something unique, paving the way for a flood of new age producers to follow

What results is a fluid and dynamic release, which stands out from the crowd, and will be a firm favorite with DJ’s up and down the globe.

Available to Preview / Download NOW From..

Released on 29th April

Reticulum – ‘A Test Of Time’ – Uplifting Trance EP.

Preview  / Download this release here

This was Reeticulum’s 1st release through EML recordings, and Ohh My God, what a huge success.

This is Trance , pure uplifting and absolutely spot on, each track is a real floor filler, full on thumping,

energized and simply a class above.

The release got into Amazon’s top 30 in their Trance download charts, charted on Emusic, Juno, Track It Down

and several other stores.

This release has also received an 80% DJ Support rating from Zip DJ, and gained acclime from GBRP Promotions

who said it was a ”TUNE TUNE TUNE” , If you are a Trance purist this one is for you.

Availale to preview / Download NOW from

Released on 29th April

Decibel Monkeys – ‘Daystar’

Preview / Download this release here
The DB Monkeys (Point Blank FM) made a welcome return to EML with their first new release of 2011.Following on from one of EML’s most successful releases of 2010, they returned with something a little more up tempo.

The result was this, a high impacting Progressive Trance roller, guaranted to make the dance floor move, DB Monkeys are developing their own sound, which is not easy to do in this day and age, and it’s an addictive blissful one at that.This is another release that sit’s pretty on E Music’s Trance charts (still), and has had glowing reviews and support from 75% of the DJ’s over on Zip DJ, this was also met with warm approval by GBRP Promotions, and Release promo, with support from various internet Trance Radio sations.Play it Loud and Often !!

Available to Preview / Download NOW from

Released on 2nd May
Find My Way Back – ‘DJ Solano’

Preview / Download this release here

Find My Way Back , was yet another debut releasefrom  very exciting talent , and recognized superstar DJ/ Producer that is ”DJ Solano”.

This single release continues the hot Trance classicsthat have been coming out from EML Recordings over the past few months.Uplifting , full of inspiration, classic ‘hands in the air‘ breakdowns, build up’s and high impacting DROPS ALL COMBINE ONCE AGAIN, to give you guys another floor filler, and an absolute ripper.

DJ Solano has MANY more releases planned throughout 2011 and beyond though EML, and if you go go E Music’s Trance charts, you’ll see that this release is STILL inside the top 150, as well as climbing the download charts on Amzon.

Available to Preview / Download NOW from

Released on 2nd May

PSYKOTRONIK » Carved In Stone

Preview / Download this release here

PsykoTroniK is back for his 2nd release in 2011.This release is an itchy glitchy, toe tapping, fidget electro House swanky EP.

Here’s an insight into what PsykoTroniK says about him and his music:

?Music plays a role in every human being?s life, starting right from birth if you take a lullaby for example. Strange?or not?! Music is well said to be the language of angels. It?s a way of life, a parallel dimension meshing with ours, perhaps. Sometimes I think it?s the stairway between heaven and earth. Ultimately music puts us in touch with our emotions, and for me sometimes vica verca. If music could look into a mirror, I would be the reflection!? -Frik ?PsykoTroniK? van Coppenhagen.


Released on 6TH May

Gary N – ‘It’s Just A Feeling’ – EP

Preview / Download this release here

This release is in a class of it’s ownGary N is an example of a DJ/Producer who is at the very forefront of cutting edge dance music, and someone who is firing on all cylinders leaving no stone unturned to give you only the very best Progressive House/Trance available anywhere.

Each Mix tells it’s own story, one which most of us can relate to

The Full Vocal Radio Mix, combines elements of Trance, Progressive House, and is accompanied by the angelic voice of Gary himself, this track really does encapsulate all of what is good about Electronic Dance Music, total brilliance, ideal for Radio, DJ’s, and even a good one for the MP3 junkies.

The Club Mix, is designed for the sweaty, sexy dance floors across the globe, this dub mix, is engaging, and designed for the DJ’s , drop this and watch what happens.

The Acoustic Vocal mix, is the one that moves the listener the most, there’s a story in this track, and this mix is where the story is best told.

The Laid Bare mix, is where Gary get’s to show you that his music is not simply designed, and created with the push of a few buttons, his voice is clear and apparent for all to hear , it’s truely spell binding to listen to, not to mention his master class in guitar playing.

To sum up this release will be Gary N’s launchpad , and quite possibly EML Recordings too, 4 jaw dropping mixes of ”It’s Just a Feeling”, each with a different story to tell.

**Update** This release got into Djshop’s top 9 on Uplifting Trance Charts

& top 40 on Amazon’s Trance Charts

Available to Preview  / Download NOW from

Released on 13th May

Roby – Blue Kyptonite ‘ Full On Psytrance’ EP

Preview / Download this release here

This flawless EP, is yet another example why only the finest Psytrance acts come to EML.

4 Awesome full on Pumpers.

This is Roby’s first release through EML, and continues our dominance in Psytrance.

Classic Full on mode initiated here in this powerful, enticing, and energetic release.

Everything you have come to expect through EML Recordings Psytrance releases is present in this. Roby’s control over his production is apparent in this master work of genius, and a few unexpected element s are thrown in for good measure just to spice things up.


Released on 13th May

M.z.K – ‘Essence Of Life 2011’ – Trance / House 

Preview / Download this release here

If you are looking for a release for the mind, body, spirit and soul then this is the one for you.

This is M.z.K’s first release through EML Recordings.

An artist that has been at number one in his local Reverb Nation charts for years, and someone that clearly has a passion for playing the piano.

This release is uplifting in the extreme full of emotion, you will not be able to listen to this without your heart, mind, and soul being flung off to a far of place full of wonder.

Some producer write tracks for the dancefloor, other write music for the soul, and this is an example of such as release.

Available to Preview  / Download NOW from

Announcing the Crimson Death – Currawong Fall Remix competition

A Unique Remix competition, with the fairest voting system EVER.

How many times have you entered a remix competition, only to be frustrated that the winning entry’s are those by artists with the most ”friends” ??, or the most votes ??.

Want to enter a REAL remix competition, where the BEST tracks win, NOT those who have the most friends ??

Well look no further, as you have found it !!


EML Recordings taking music discovery to the next level with web radio

EML Recordings have announced a new online radio station, EML Radio, consisting of over 1,000 Techno / Trance / Drum & Bass / Breaks / Psytrance / House /Progressive / Electro House / Dubstep / Jungle / Electro / Lounge / Gabba / Leftfield / tracks.

Now broadcasting 24/7, EML Radio plays non-stop dance music tracks from every genre, and every sub genre, from either EML Recordings artists, OR from the extended family of EML network producers.

And the best part?

Details, of course? tiny details.

* Listeners can rate tracks.

* Also, there’s a playlist widget displaying the current song, and the previous 10 tracks, complete with artist names, track titles and associated artwork.

* The radio station also has a fully functioning chat room for the interactive types, adding the all important social element.

* In addition to 128K bit rate streaming.

* Oh ! and they’ve even added direct-buy links to all the songs, allowing users to automatically purchase their favourite tracks direct from iTunes and Last.FM

Jason at EML Recordings said of their new channel:

“I guess I pride myself on the fact that we’re not playing the usual commercial tosh that pours out of commercial radio stations, and since I have the rights (or permission) to play all of the tracks that we play there’s no legal issues.”

Well Jason, we’re also proud of your amazing use of technology; combining social interaction, and music discovery for your artists is innovative promotion and we wish you the best of luck.


Taken from Believe Blog 18th May 2011

At EML were always trying to think on new and innovative ways to attract new listers, and spread the word about our artists and so it is my pleasure to announce that the EML I-Phone app, is coming SOON.

The app is currently awaiting implimentation from Apple, and we should have it live mid summer.

Features include

* EML Radio integration (listen to EML radio whilst on the move)

* EML Youtube Videos (Releases)

* EML Blog

* EML ‘Event Calender’

* EML Web site intergrated

* listen to selected EML tracks directly uploaded onto the App

* Latest Release section, with release info, artwork, purchase links

The Very latest and up to date installment of the EML Recordings podcast is now available across a range of platforms :Playlist :

Track 1 :)Cyberboy_313 – ‘Pop and Roll’
Track 2 🙂 Crimson Death – ‘Sex For Pleasure’
Track 3 🙂 Chris Golding – ‘Underground Society’
Track 4 🙂 Roby – ‘Infected People’
Track 5 🙂 M.z.K – ‘Soulfull House Sessions’
Track 6 🙂 Biotronic Project – ‘Perfect Dream’
Track 7 🙂 Psykotronik – ‘Retracter’
Track 8 🙂 Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ (Clusonica Breaks Remix)
Track 9 🙂 Jam Master Jim – ‘Good Old Days’
Track 10:) Sinista Music – ‘I never Felt’ (Remix)

Hosted by DJ Electromagnetic

Run time 89:24 Minutes

Hear it NOW on Mixcloud / Soundcloud / Podomatic / ITunes .

Don’t forget to share this with your friends 🙂

Electrum Shiv Banged Up

Release date: 20.05.2011
Label: eml recordings
  • Digital Download Album
  • ***(OUT NOW)***


Pfaff - Brill, Electrum Shiv Twisted

Release date: 27.05.2011
Label: eml recordings


Trancology Kallima

Release date: 27.05.2011
Label: eml recordings


DJ BOB One More Shot
DJ BOB One More Shot

Release date: 03.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Wow Signals The Big Ear

Release date: 10.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


DJ Solano Streams of Light
DJ SOLANO Streams Of Light

Release date: 10.06.2011
Label: eml recordings
  • Digital Download Album
  • Uplifting Trance


Stoil Rising
STOIL Rising

Release date: 10.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Ruhr Chill Factory Traffic

Release date: 17.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


ElectricOkra ClaireRocket

Release date: 17.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Lex Time Anubis Gate
LEX TIME Anubis Gate

Release date: 20.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


FX Man Fallen Paradise
FX MAN Fallen Paradise

Release date: 24.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Cyberboy_313 Your Pornodream Is Lost
CYBERBOY_313 Your Pornodream Is Lost

Release date: 24.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Chemical Noize Pain

Release date: 24.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Sinista Music Warped & Twisted Mindset
SINISTA MUSIC Warped & Twisted Mindset

Release date: 27.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Moonshot Angels Wear Black
MOONSHOT Angels Wear Black

Release date: 27.06.2011
Label: eml recordings


Crimson Death City of Death

Release date: 01.07.2011
Label: eml recordings


As Many of you know EML Recordings very first release in October 2009, was by Genius Psytrance producer /DJ, Alien Syndrome.

Word has reached me that the MASSIVE track by him ”Good Drugs”, which I personally believe is THE best Psytrance track in existance, has been released on a  VA compilation through Inner Lotus Records.

This track like will change your life !!

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