4 EML Recordings artists showcased tonight on Amazing Radio

Fridays at 7pm – LISTEN FROM 11PM GMT HERE

mark ryan

Amazing Beats is the ultimate international showcase of new and emerging dance music. Expect to hear everything from down tempo electronica, to house, techno, breaks, dubstep, drum and bass and even some chill out to wind you down at the end of the night.

Beats presenter Mark Ryan has pretty much been in a love affair with all genres of dance music for the past 15 years and is jumping at the chance to share all the great stuff that he’s been loving atamazingtunes.com.

Tune in and get down with a riotous mix of Dance every Friday from 7pm till midnight, on Amazing Radio.

Follow the Beats with the Tweets.

resident advisor
4 of EML’s finest Drum N Bass producers will tonight, be getting their tracks showcased on Amazing Radio, with an estimated listening audience of 1,000 people each and every week, this is a great way for us to introduce fresh talent , and showcase forthcoming releases.

The show starts at 7pm GMT, and the 4 EML tracks will be played from 11pm.

Artists being played are

EML Recordings – Dubphobia – Liquid Funk
EML Recordings – Crimson Death – Currawong Fall (Feat Pixieguts)
EML Recordings – DJ Barbarick Pete – Warning
EML Recordings – Jam Master Jim – Good Old Days


I hope as many of you as possible can tune in !!



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