Latest Releases, News, Updates, (Dec 2011 Newsletter), Jam packed with goodies

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Latest Releases, News, Updates, (Dec 2011 Newsletter), Jam packed with goodies

Lot’s to get through so let’s get started

2011 has been without doubt EML’s most successful year to date, with No 1’s on Amazon, Juno, EMusic, DJ Mr, to name but a few.

2012 will see a large scale development , in that EML Recordings will be splitting into 3 labels, each SPECIFIC to just a few genres

I will update you all about this in Jan 2012.

In addition EML is teaming up with Future Formation, to host a tent at the 2 day Karma Geddon Music festival in the UK in late July 2012, 20 DJ’s from both camps will be entertaining the masses over the 2 days, more details will be in the next newsletter.



 Floe – Timergy (Trance single)

This crowns Floe’s finest moment.A corker of a track, the breakdown is immense, this is one of those tracks you can’t get out of your head, such a catchy lead synth, sweet and crisp sounding instruments are flush in this well produced anthem.

This is one you’ll want to play again, and again, and again.
This release spent 3 weeks on Amazon’s Trance single download charts (Germany), and was EML’s most successful Autumn 2011 release.
Floe is back again on 12th Dec with his follow up single ”Aturu”, another outstanding 2 track Trance release, that will no doubt top charts once again.
Visit Floe’s on the EML web site, where you can listen to each of his recent releases in full, full list of dirdct purchase links from all the big download stores , read his bio, watch a few of his Youtube video’s, and generally find out about erverything FLOE



 Phuckbox – Bassflex (Hard Techno)
ntroducing Phuckbox to EML.
This is fast, furious, and relentless.
A full on hardcore, Progressive Techno, that pumps out more energy than a dying star.
If you are looking for an acid style industrial monester, then you have found it, full on with no let ups, this is a track for the hardcore generation, and they will love you for playing it.
It’s a no nonsense track, well thought out, and dynamic enough not to loose it’s way half way through as so many tracks in this genre seem to, a no holes barred bass ripper that is not for the faint of heart.




 Illuminati & Cyberboy 313 – 7Sacraments (Psytrance single)
Two of EML Recordings best selling artists have joined forces to bring you and one off special.
This is pure energy, unparalleled brilliance, a full on Progressive Psytrance thumper.
Illuminati are well known for their sheer unadulterated full on Psytrance, filled with more energy than a supernova.
cyberboy 313, is also one half of clubsonica, the russain duo that are tearing up dance floors, hitting the best sellers charts all over the place, featured on many a download store, and are known for their infectious breaks, hard hitting drum patterns and outrageously sexy sub’s.
Combine the two together and we present to you a fusion of styles that is simply world class, this track has soul, spirit, energy, power, it’s combination of funked up tek style synth loops, high impacting kicks, uplifters, breakdowns, and sheer non stop passion is one that we here at EML are excited to share with the world.



FOR full track previews, full artists bio, youtube video’s, purchase links  and much moe



 Sp3ctrum – Bitchin (Dub-Breaks single)

Introducing Sp3ctrum.
A modern Techno, meets breaks, meets Dub step ear splitter.

For Six and a half spell binding minutes, Sp3ctrum splits your ear drums, plucks out your brains, plays with both, and swaps them around.

An intelligently produced, catchy rhythmic floor filler, with all the modern sounds, that simply make this single stand out from everyting else you’ll have heard, forget the rest, and spin this one everywhere you go.
Mobile DJ’s take note !

Each DJ needs a track to enthuse the crowd, a radio station needs to pick up a track from a reletive unknown, and say ‘I found them first’, well this is your chance.

The kicks thudd and thump, perfect EQ’ing on this single, the layering all designed with a huge sound system in mind, there’s plenty more to come from Sp3ctrum in 2011 and in 2012, this is his very first single anywhere in the world, and his first through EML.

Yet again we are proud to say we found him first, and we deliver him unto you.





 Looking Ahead

Looking a bit further ahead we have an absolute barrage of quality releases lined up over the festive season.

Featured Releases

OUT ON 12TH DECThis is by far the most epic Trance compilation for 2011, this massive release blasts its way through 40 Uplifting monsters.

Whether you like you Trance gentle and inspiring, full of raw energy, or somewhere in between this compilation covers all angles and ticks all the boxes.
For the Hopelessly addicted to Trance addicts out there, finally a release that is worth savouring.
This is straight from the Underground, where the future lay, tired of listening to the same old tracks by the same old names ??

well look no further for here is a truly epic release in every sense of the word, hours and hours of non stop 100% uplifting Trance.

visit us at :–Various-Artists-

for FULL track previews (all 40 of them) and much more

RELEASE DATE 19TH DEC20 of the Worlds finest Psytrance and Progressive Trance anthems from the underground, all on one blazing compilation.

This compilation should be considered as an absolute neccesity for anyone that calls themselves a collector and Connoisseur of Psytrance and Progressive Trance.

We have got every angle covered here, and all this coming from the underground scene, each track carefully selected to bring you 20 tracks that will rival anything you have heard played at the major festivals, indeed we’d even go as far as to say that perhaps we can take you one step further, one step closer to pure Psytrance and Pure Progressive, EML proudly presents ‘Psygressive Beats’


OUT ON 26TH DEC (BOXING DAY)Pure Underground Electro, is a release that is explained by it’s title.

This is the very best Underground Electro tracks from all over the globe.
Funky, groovy, often uplifting, often somber, this covers just about every angle of a genre that has spread it’s wings and touched just about every other genre.

20 tracks all selected and carefully playlisted full maximum enjoyment.
one you’ll want to play over and over again



 And Finally

EML is releasing music every week, and as such we can’t cover every single release (however that will change when we split the label into 3).

What follows is ALL of EML Recordings releases over the past 2 months , just in case you missed one :-)..links courtesy of EMusic

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