NEW Releases, Latest News and Updates – March 2012


There is an awful lot happening around this label at present, what follows is a brief summary of what is happening as of this moment, PLEASE visit our web site for more in depth analysis, news, and updates


Floe – Blue Eyes – Release Date: 03/19/2012


Floe returns to EML with another Trance anthem.
Blue Eyes builds and builds into an explosion of pure Trance delight, very much a hands on the air uplifter, overflowing with a sense of well being and infectious drops.
Eco takes the more mainstream route, and delves into the Progressive slant, a full on action packed, high energized pumper. Piano drop\’s, builds, and then Wham !!
To sum up another set of floor fillers from Floe, who has already achieved NO 1 on download charts in 2012

Barbarick Pete – Intense Atmosphere – Release Date: 03/12/2012Grab it NOW from BeatportFast paced, full on Psytrance at it’s pinnacle of excellence.
Barbarick Pete proves beyond a reason of doubt, that you can be a master of all trades.
Better known for his jump up style Drum N Bass, this producer has turned his hand to crafting a most awe inspiring masterpiece that one simply can’t help but get entwined and engaged with.
From the outset to the very end, this has pure energy, heart stopping brilliance written all over it, so what are you waiting for, hit the play button, and grab a copy.Also Available from   
Cristian Ketelaars – Brickworld – Release Date: 03/19/2012 Cristian Ketelaars is back with his 3rd EML release in quick succession, and yet another floor thumping,ear splitting pounder.An artist that is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst the EML entourage and yet another classic.This one takes on the funk, and combines some awe inspiring electro house bass stabs, synths, build up\’s, break downs and drop\’s to bring you a massive track, that will make the dance floor sway one way and then another.A release EML is once again proud to put it\’s name to.OUT TODAY EXCLUSIVE TO BEATPORT
Matteo Desko, Marcie – Everything We Are (The Remixes) – Release Date: 03/12/2012Marcie Joy comes back to EML Recordings with this gorgeous remix EP, partnered with up and coming producer Matteo Desko.
The original is a sublime masterpiece of engineering, and a progressive House ripper, full of synthetic twists and turns, upbeat and melodic.
The remixes are all designed to keep the up energetic flow each with a slightly different slant.
Floe, keeps this one pumped up with his own unique blend of the more uplifting Trance feel, Cristian Ketelaars adds a bit of commercial House appeal, Illuminati slam in a monster Psytrance ripper, and M.z.K goes for the instrumental route.
The end result is a massive remix EP, with established, and new blood names, dishing up something very special for everyone.GRAB IT NOW FROM:  
Ason ID – Vision Release Date: 03/05/2012Introducing Ason ID to the EML family, with yet another Uplifting Trance classic.
The original track by Ason typifies what a Trance DJ wants to hear in his potential tracks to take for a spin, he knows what the loyal Trance lovers the world over wants, and has expressed this to perfection in his track.
It’s no surprise therefore to see that Floe, wanted in on the act, and has conjured up an exemplary remix to add his own dimension to what is already a solid release.
To sum up, we have 2 artists, both of whom are experienced in knowing what you want to hear in a Trance track, and how to create that special sound, combining force to give you this very special release.
So what are you waiting for ?? give it a listen.GRAB IT NOW FROM:  

Floe – Darkside Original Mix EML Recordings 27-02-2012
Floe – Breaking The Limit Original Mix EML Recordings 27-02-2012
Psykotronik – Cosmic Hypothesis Original Mix EML Recordings 27-02-2012
Ac3 – Peach Original Mix EML Recordings 20-02-2012
Ac3 – Modern Wargasm Original Mix EML Recordings 20-02-2012
Ac3 – Walk Into the Portal Original Mix EML Recordings 20-02-2012
Ac3 – First Class Arcade Original Mix EML Recordings 20-02-2012
Barbarick Pete – Flick My Bassline Original Mix EML Recordings 13-02-2012
Mage – This Is Funkye Original Mix EML Recordings 13-02-2012
Mage – Is All About Tech House Original Mix EML Recordings 13-02-2012
Mage – Cocktail Style Original Mix EML Recordings 13-02-2012
Cristian Ketelaars – Lost Memory Original Mix EML Recordings 06-02-2012
SRB – Predicament Original Mix EML Recordings 06-02-2012
Chemical Noize – Feel Love Original Mix EML Recordings 06-02-2012

Foo – Chilling(feat. Cy & Stark D) – Release Date: 02/27/2012

From Brazil to your speakers, OOFCY is an Electronic Music Duo formed by two childhood friends, lovers of music.
OOFCY is a Great mix of genres and BPM’s resulting in a new sound and different from what exists today in Brazil.
Mixing Electro and Dubstep with Rock, Reggae and Rap, without leaving aside the swing of the Brazilian rhythm.
This EP Tears it’s way through the heart of Rolling Drum and Bass, tears up your speakers and is the combination of a lot of hard work and promotion click below to preview each track.


Loki – Over You – Release Date: 03/05/2012 Sub Generation is back with release number 2 for 2012.We present to you Loki, and his debut release.
This one is for the sub generation , who like their D&B on the chilled side of the range, a classic one for the purists.GRAB IT NOW FROM:  
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