A Celebration of Independent Music (July Newsletter / Latest Releases news & updates)


A Celebration of Independent Music

A week ago, our Amercian Cousins are celebrating Independece day.

What better way and what better time to show your support for an Independent Record label, doing things the right way than today !!

What follows is a quick round up of our latest releases.

For a even quicker check of all EML / Sub G / LayZee latest release please visit :


Sub Generation Latest Releases

LayZee Records Latest Releases

Floe – Dreadnought

Floe –  Dreadnought (includes Mattei Desko Remix)

Release Date: 07/04/2012

Floe is back again, the music writing machine churns out yet more succulent Trance delight for us all to drool at.
A high impacting, punchy warm release, that will leave its mark on the listeners brain.


*Floe* on Beatport

*Floe* on Juno Download


Floe Dreadnought

1 Dreadnought  < (CLICK TO LISTEN) 7:41
2 Dreadnought (Matteo Desko Remix) <(CLICK TO LISTEN) 6:07



 Joanna Betts & Chris James – Holiday Love


Joanna Betts, Chris James –  Holiday Love

Release Date: 06/25/2012

This is the single that EML Recordings has been waiting for.
World class, both vocally and as a production.
Mastered by one of the UK?s best known sound engineers, and support from a well known English Football club, Radio, and press, this is one for the collection.
A classic club sound, with spot on vocal delivery, and a catchy chorus hook.
Turn it up, play it loud, and play if often.

*Joanna Betts* on Beatport

*Joanna Betts* on Juno Download


Joanna Betts, Chris James Holiday Love

1 Holiday Love < (Click To Listen) 4:22 £1.39



 Christian Ketelaars

Cristian Ketelaars – Filthy Elf – Release Date 27th June 2012

Filthy Elf, is a hard hitting Progressive Trance anthem. Heavy Bass riffs, and clever layering and overall production join forces to bring you something very special. A track you’ll be wanting to drop over and over again into your sets.





Cristian Ketelaars Filthy Elf

1 Filthy Elf < (CLICK TO LISTEN) 5:48 £1.39


 Cling – iF

Cling – iF

Release Date: 06/25/2012

Full of raw power, perfectly designed bass wobbles, and with an unexpected twist, this is a commercial Dubstep winner.

With influences from varying genres, you might think it would be a confused track, but far from it, this one knows what it wants to do, and it delivers perfection to your ear drums.


*CLING* on Beatport

*CLING* on Juno Download



Cling If

1 If < (Click To Listen) 4:22 £1.39



 MiXed Transition – Climatic Dreams

MiXed Transition  Climatic Dreams

Release Date: 07/04/2012

Dark, Twisted, and of the Nintendo (TM) ilk, a release that is right up there at the forefront of the modern day take on Drum & Bass, as it truly goes global as a genre.
Full of twists & turns, this is a unique, fun filled and fuel filled set of rollers.
Oriental influences, and some majorly funky synth stabs, combine with dark sub riffs and delivers a hard hitting, high impact double roller epic.
Solid throughout, and one not to miss out on.

*MiXed Transition* on Beatport

*MiXed Transition* on Juno Download


Mixed Transition Climatic Dreams

1 Fragmented Dreams <(Click To Listen) 5:39 £1.39
2 Don’t Stop < (Click To Listen) 3:48 £1.39

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