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August has been one of our busiest months to date, were also drawing ever closer to our 3rd year anniversarry , so as always there’s a lot of ground to cover, what follows is some of the featured releases from EML, to have a listen to ALL of our latest releases you can visit us HERE
Club Anthems (Holiday Season Special)
RELEASE DATE 2012-08-09
LABEL EML Recordings

Whether you are looking for some top quality club anthems to drop into your sets abroad , looking for some in flight entertainment, something to get the wild parties off with a swing, or looking for something to chill out to, down ny the poolside, this is the compilation for you.

A carefully compiled selection of absolute belters. This release has it all, right through from the sexiest of Electro House, funk numbers, right through to the sweaty progressive House floor fillers. An essential buy for your summer anthem collection.



Decibel Monkeys – (Feat Marcie) – Primordial Clouds

This Video is taken from Track 2 of the ”Club Anthems” Release above.

Brett Nieman – Phosphor Line
  This month we have welcomed several new artists on board EML.Brett Nieman is a very exciting addition to the EML family, managed by ‘The CAM Group’ , Brett is already a superstar DJ in his home town of San Diego and has several exciting releases lined up through EML. 

Phosphor Line, is an outstanding high class punchy track,  Bouncy, and powerful this one will have you bounding up and down to the hard hitting bass lines and the high energy feel. A keeper !

ONE CLICK LISTEN eMusic iTunes MusicMe

Matteo Desko – Zone
  This is pure unadulterated Electro House dirtyness fused with Dubstep, I defy ANYONE to not enjoy this single.Matteo Desko returns again to EML , showing us all that he is moving on up through the ranks and fast becoming a well respected producer / DJ. 

This single was featured for a whole week on the front page of Beatport’s ‘Electro House’ page and has now entered the top 10 selling tracks for EML on Beatport in the past 12 months.


Matteo Desko – Zone
Shaun Williams – Eden
  It’s with pride that we welcome back Shaun Williams.2012 has been yet another very successful year for Shaun already, making his local press of several occasions, getting plenty of air time once again on BBC radio and to capitalise he has conjoured up yet another uplifting Trance beauty. 

As always with Shaun, this one if chokka block with emotion and uplift, another must have the the seasoned Trance DJ AND it currently sits at 4th place on this weeks Juno Trance download charts.

Shaun has also launched his very first album which is now available on CD from the EML web site, and has plans to release the album at a later date in digital stay tuned.


Shaun Williams - Digital Communication CD ALBUM 



Sub Generation RecordsIt’s not JUST EML that has enjoyed success this summer, Sub Generation Records has really come into it’s own as well, with a whole host of exciting new artists, our first remix competition, and chart success a plenty.What follows is some featured releases, to check out ALL the very latest Sub Generation Releases visit us HERE

And don’t forget to check the Official Sub G web site

Jam Master Jim – Good Old Days
  The Jam Master finally unleashes his first EP through Sub Generation, a release that has seen him shoot to the No 1 best selling artist in August (all labels).This is a delve into the roots of Drum N Bass / Jungle and is a must have for the seasoned D&B enthusiast.This release got into the E Music top 50 D&B download charts and Amazon’s top 40 Drum & Bass download charts.


Jam Master Jim – Good Old Days (Original Mix)
Cosmic Alliance – The Vast Deep
  It’s often said that those who are most humble in the music industry are often the most talented.This is a prime example…Cosmic Alliance produces the sort of music that is clearly well thought out and labour intensive.You will always be taken to far off places with a Cosmic Alliance track, slick production and devestating execution leave the listener a life long fan.

This release was featured on Deezers (what’s hot) section of the web site.

Music should love the soul and this does just that !


Cosmic Alliance – The Vast Deep
Landrunner – Xylophonic
  Another world class production from the Landrunner coming your way via Sub G. This one is full on furious, raw to the core and power fuelled to deliver one of the hardest Drum N Bass releases on offer through the Sub G stable.This release currently sits on E Music’s top 20 Drum N Bass dowenload charts.ONE CLICK LISTEN eMusic iTunes

Timeloop – In The Beginning
  Sub G has been going through a Dubstep Rectruitment drive over the summer, and so it’s with pride we kick off with our first ALL Dubstep EP courtesy of Timeloop.This release was also featured on Beatport’s Dubstep section of the web siteA prime example of an artist that has come a very long way in a short space of time, and will no doubt GO a lot further.


Galvatron – Midnight Assassin
  Our 2nd ALL Dubstep EP comes courtesy of Galvatron from the UK.This was also featured on Beatport’s Dubstep section of the web site, proof if any were needed that Sub G is now smashing it’s way through into the Dubstep scene.This one is a turbo charged, action packed heart stopper and would be given an oscar if it were a film, 6 tracks of raw Dubstep naughtyness.

One Click Listen eMusic iTunes

RELEASE SCHEDULEWere forever adding new releases into the system, here’s what we have added thus far, taking us right through until November. (IGNORE THE “??’s” … they are an typo error on this newsletter and I can’t be bothered to go through the e-mail and remove them)Release Schedule (ALL LABELS)

(Dates in brackets are the exclusive release dates and are available on Beatport and Itunes from those dates)


23rd July – Camden Amen Subway Sub Generation

23rd July – Floe ? Raptor ? EML

26th July – Various Artists ? Drum & Bass Rollers (Festival Season Speical )- Sub Generation

1st August – Various Artists ? Summer Trance Anthems Vol 1 ? EML

2nd August – Jam Master Jim ? Good Old Days ? Sub Gen (30th July)

3rd August – Mystical Shamen One / Sri Sri Means  / FiFi Holy ? Future Freaks ? LayZee

8th August ? Landrunner – XylOphonik ? Sub Gen  (1st Aug)

8th August – Sunlight ? Fire Space ? EML

13th August – Dirty Teknology ? Stuck In A Rut ? EML ?  (8th)

13th August – Cosmic Alliance ? The Vast Deep ? Sub Gen ? (8th)

15th August – Decibel Monkeys ? Monochrome ? EML

15th August – Electromagnetic Impulses (Feat Oliver Holzen) ? Free My Soul ? EML

20th August – Timeloop ? The Beginning ? Sub Gen ? (13th)

20th August ? Brett Nieman ? Phosphor Line ? EML (13th August)

23rd August ? Shaun Williams ? Eden ? EML

23rd August ? Galvatron ? Midnight Assasin ? Sub Gen (16th Aug)

23rd August ? Esper Haddad ? Feels So Good (LayZee)

27Tth August – Matteo Desko ? Zone ? EML (20TH)

27th August – Floe ? Skyscraper ? EML  (23rd)

30th August – Father, Son & Alcohol ? Vodoo Medicine (Sub Gen) (23rd)

30th August – Sunlight ? Moon (5th Dimension) ? EML (22nd)

3rd September ? Brett Nieman ? Ipso Facto ? EML  (27th Aug)

3rd September ? Dreadnought ? Human Error ? (27th Aug) ? Sub Gen

6th September – Electromagnetic Impulses & Cling ? Yours ? EML (30th)

10th September ? Chemical Noize ? Kill Me in the Summertime (EML)

10th September – Dirtie Deejayz ? Once Again ? LayZee

12th September ? Code E ? Originaliteeze- Sub Gen

13th September  – Haru Yasami ? Ride The Snake ? EML (6th Sep)

15th September ? Sinista Music ? OK (VIP)- LayZee

17th September – Brett Nieman ? Past Forever ? EML (10th Sep)

20th September ? Ac3 ? Monsters Everywhere ? Sub Gen (13th Sep)

24th September – Chemical Noize ? Death & Love ? EML

24th September ? Mojo Beat ? Stars ? LayZee

25th September ? Lira ? Sunligth ? EML

26th September ? Pfaff Brill ? Diversity ? LayZee (19th Sep)

27TH September ? Crystal Matrix ? Skateboarding is not A Crime ? EML

27th September – Obscure ? Sinista Music ? Sub Gen

29th September ? Crimson Death ? Aftershock ? LayZee  (22nd Sep)

29th September ? ?B? ? The Oriental Me ? LayZee

1st October ? Camden Amen ? Stomp N Roll ? Sub Gen (24th Sep)

8th October ? Voide ? Necropolis (Feat Pixieguts)  (Crimson Death Remix)  (Sub Generation)

8th October ? Electromagnetic Impulses ? Something Meaningful ? EML (1st Oct)

10th October – Various Artists ? EML ? Best Sellers (iTunes exclusive) (10th Sep)

15th October ? Mojo Beat ? Work It Baby ? EML

15th October – Insolence (Feat Rebeka France) ? Serenity ? Sub Generation (8th Oct)

18th October ? Vitez & Kiso ? Kupus ? EML

20th October ? ?B? ? Heartbreaker ? EML

20th October ? Psykotronik – Kaleidoscope ? LayZee

22nd October ? Ei8ht ? Bubble Bass ? EML

22nd October ? MiXed Transition – Powers Within ?  – Sub Gen (15th Oct)

22nd October ? M.z.K ? Liquid Melody ? LayZee

24th October ? Elementia ? She?ll Miss Me ? (The 2012 EML Remix competition EP Release)

26th October ? Cosmic Alliance ? Osiris ? EML (19th)

27th October ? Rebeka France & Sticky Bud ? On The Run ? Sub Gen

29th October ? Chemical Noize ? Twisted ? EML

1st November ? Vitez & Kiso & Sai ? Serenity ? EML

2nd November ? Dirtie Deejayz ? Half Baked ? LayZee

3rd November ? Psykotronik ? The Return ? EML

5th November ? Dreadnought ? Enchanted ? Sub Gen

5th November ? SMIDI & Colby ? Red World ? EML

8th November ? Chemical Noize ? Hard Bass & Get Down ? EML

12th November – MiXed Transition ? Ignition ? EML (5th)

19th November ? Psonic Bionic ? Attack Of  The Bass Drones ? Sub Gen (12th)

19th November ? Lira ? Sunligth ? EML

25th November ? Lex Luthor ? Luthors First Adventure ? Sub Gen (19th)


  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of our supporters over the years, all of who’m have done their bit to get these labels where they are today.Mark of Amazing RadioGD of…DPulse / Waterfront / Print Shop

Karen of Blazing Minds / Atom Sounds

Tom at Believe Digital

Samantha Dubstep Parkes of Filthgazm A&R

Pete 8 BitRage – web site design and close friend

Luke Chinnock – Look out for the EML Armed Forces Radio special in November from him !!

Dave Landrum – New Podcast host

Timeloop – He’s working on a very special Dubstep compilation coming soon !!

Nelson (M.z.K) – Helping to spread the word behind the scenes

Zelda – She’s taken on the Soundcloud role for EML and is our No 1 customer and EML’s ‘Mum’

Jane – My beloved finace has supported me through thick and thin..I love you baby x

Crimson Death – Our in house mastering engineer, and close friend of MANY years

James Green – This guy is an amazing DJ and re tweets our every post on Tiwtter..helping us to get the word out !

CAM Group – these guys have helped bring some big names to EML

And everyone else who has helped us along the all ROCK !!

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