Music Overload (Latest Releases – EML Recordings)

Hi everybody, I hope you are all ready to give your ears a good work out ??what follows is the very latest releases courtesy of EML Recordings complete with one click listening links, purchase links and links to each artist full profile.Later this week we’ll sending out 2 more e-mail for our 2 sister labels Sub Generation Records andLayZee Records latest releases.We’ve had a very busy spell of late and as always have some truly wonderful Electronic Dance Music releases to share with you all, please feel free to visit our rather nice looking and easy to navigate around web site for lots more lovely wibbly wobbly music to entertain your ears and brain
_______________________________________________________________________________SHE’LL MISS ME – THE REMIXES (EML REMIX COMPETITION 2012) – VARIOUS ARTISTSElementia, Trix, Kimihiko Chiba, Af, Domenico Pandolfo, Lyrik, Cosmic Alliance, Mystical Shamen One, Ahmet Alay, Dennis Vlaanderen, Sri Sri Mr. Means, KyouTenshi - She'll Miss Me - The Remixes (EML Remix competition 2012)The 2012 EML Remix competition took place in early 2012 with over 50 remixer’s taking part. All the remixes were judged by an EML Panel and the top 10 were chosen to form this most inspired release. A true underground collaboration project on an international scale, made possible by today’s technology. Not one of the artists on this release have ever met, yet they all share a similar drive and passion to create the most advanced music found anywhere on earth. We deliver unto you, via your collective sound systems, through your ears and inject into your brain, Elentia “She’ll Miss Me” – The remixes.




Release Date: 5th October 2012This is the Ultimate Dance Music collection.All of EML Recordings best selling releases of all time are encapsulated into this truly epic collection of ultimate Electronic Dance Music mayhem.The release takes the listener through all styles of Dance music, right through from the most chilled out down tempo, through House, into Break Beat, Drum N Bass, Techno, Psytrance and beyond.

This is without doubt our classiest release to date, comprising of tracks not chosen by us, or by some music critic, but by the people , the DJ’s and music fans across the globe who have put their money where their mouth is and bought the music.

We present to you –  EML  The Best Sellers 3 years on and still going strong !

______________________________________________________________________________Mojo Beat - Work It Baby


Introducing Mojo Beat. This is pure filth,

Electro House on the dark side. Full on funk, this is one for the dance floor to get down and dirty to.

____________________________________________________________________________Cosmic Alliance - Osiris


Cosmic Alliance takes us on yet another journey into the heart and soul of modern day Electronic Dance music, with this soul moving epic. Feel the vibrational power of this track journey through the space between the atoms in your body, it will sway you, it will interfere with your spirit and leave you feeling cleansed.

Watch the video for this release on Youtube !


Ei8ht - Bubble BassEI8HT – BUBBLE BASS

Ei8ht makes his introduction to EML. This is pure class, excellent mastery of every aspect of this track from start to end is evident in this Electro House monster. One to add to the collection.

Watch Bubble Bass video on Youtube

______________________________________________________________________________Electromagnetic Impulses - A Species With Amnesia


The most exciting release yet from the Electronic Dance music wizard himself and owner of EML Recordings, Electromagnetic Impulses. A pure club classic and and essential must have for the seasoned DJ in the Trance arena. Likened to Robert Miles; track one is a classic club Trance anthem, with a pounding beat, upbeat synth swirls and clever programming. Track two is more on the Ibiza tip and is one to get down and dirty to on the dance floor. Another high grade release from E.I

RELEASE DATE 2012-10-01
LABEL EML Recordings



This is a very special EML Recordings Promo Mix.

Featuring previously unheard tracks from forthcoming releases as well as a few from previous releases.

We take you into the very heart of Electro House with this one, come and listen to the cutting edge of this genre through EML and our multi talented artists.

Mixed by DJ Electromagnetic


Shaun Williams – WFT
Ei8ht – Bubble Bass
Matteo Desko – Zone
Mojo Beat = Work It Baby
Marcie Joy and Martech – As The Wind Blows (Osvaldo Nugroho Remix)
Ac3 – Fist Class Arcade
Brett Nieman = Phosphor Line (Cataluxx Remix)
Psonic Bionic – Snowday
Cosmic Alliance – Osiris
B – Heart Breaker
Spencer Norman – ParaNorman


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