XMAS AND NEW YEAR Releases (Happy XMas Everybody)

With the festive season now upon us, we know all you DJ’s, Radio stations and Music lovers are going to need some top quality music from your own specialised genre’s to impress people with and so between our 3 ;abels we have every genre covered, what follows is the prefect audio assault for you all…ENJOY !

To listen to each release either visit Beatport via the banners below.

IF you want to listen to each track from each release and be given a plethora of purchase options and stores to purchase / download these release from then scroll down the page and click on the artwork / titles.





















Matteo Desko, Shaun Williams, Exodus, Cosmic Alliance, Mojo Beat, Floe, Illuminati, Evido, Martech, Lex Luthor, Psonic Bionic, Dirtie Deejayz, SMIDI, M.z.K, Brett Nieman, Electrum Shiv, Lex Time, Crimson Death, Electromagnetic Impulses, Cling, Ac3 - EMLRecordings X-Mas Special (Winter Warmers Volume Four)The EML XMAS special is a multi label cross genre collection of some of the finest Electronic Dance Music from across the globe. Spanning 3 years of music releases through EML and it’s two sister labels, this release is the ultimate festive season party selection. Play these tracks at any party and your mates will stare at you in utter amazement, just tell them that you know where it’s at and that they are listening to the future of Dance Music





Jed Robbins, Diego Van Cooper, DJ Rez, KlouD - Lunar EP
The Lunar EP combines the forces of several up and coming producers on the global Trance circuit to deliver an unstoppable EP. Uplifting and filled with energetic riffs, each track takes it’s own unique slant on the impressive original by Jed Robbins and Diego Van Cooper. The result is an awe inspiring collection of angelic Trance music for the soul.





Clubsonica, Crimson Death, Martech, Psonic Bionic, M.z.K, Vitez Sai Kiso, Camden Amen, Pfaff - Brill, Electrum Shiv, Roby, Floe, Psykotronik, Ruhr Chill Factory, Electromagnetic Impulses, Sinista Music, Shaun Williams - Electronic Music Lovers (Winter Warmers Volume Two) 

As the title suggests this release crosses genres, from a selection of some of EML Recordings finest Producers from all parts of the earth. A Timeless collection of Electronic Dance Music, from the most chiled out down tempo, right through to fast and furious Hard Techno, this has it all.





Lex Luthor, Cosmic Alliance, Psonic Bionic, Floe, Shaun Williams, Osvaldo Nugroho, Martech, Dirtie Deejayz, Crimson Death, B, Pfaff - Brill, Camden Amen, Electric Okra, Biotronic Project, Illuminati, Psykotronik, Ruhr Chill Factory, Matteo Desko, Marcie, M.z.K, Cristian Ketelaars, Brett Nieman - Electronic Music Lovers (Winter Warmers Volume One)25 Of the finest Electronic Dance Music tracks from across the globe, spanning 3 years of EML Recordings. Covering pretty much every genre of Dance music, this is a release that is true to it’s title. There’s something for just about everyone on this one.







Psonic Bionic, Jam Master Jim, Galvatron, Ac3, Camden Amen, MiXed Transition, M.O.U (Myth of Unity), M.z.K, Dreadnought, DJ Domenian, Electromagnetic Impulses, Crimson Death, 8bitrage, Mixed Transiton, Lex Luthor, Landrunner, Electromagnetic Impulses M.z.K, Cosmic Alliance - Were All Gonna Die (Doomsday 2012 Special)The big day has arrived, the end of the Mayan Long Count Calender is here and hopefully so is man kind. But just in case the poles swap or some giant planet comes hurtling towards earth at some point today we thought we’d give you all the opportunity to go out with a bang. This compilation has been carefully compiled to deliver the perfect soundtrack to the end of days, and one to celebrate new beginnings.





8bitrage, Timeloop, AntonSzander, Psonic Bionic, Psylense, Jam Master Jim - Dark Matter EPDark and engaging Dubstep for the real Connoisseur. Featuring 6 tracks created solely for this release, if your planning to DJ over the festive season and you are looking for the perfectly mastered, perfectly produced and executed set of raw,passionate, brilliantly produced tracks to spin, then this is the release for you. 6 extremely powerful tracks that will tear up any dance floor, play it loud, play it often and play it with pride.





Sidereal - Deep Water & Lost MemoriesSidereal is one of the most exciting new signings to Sub Generation Records in 2012. This flawless 2 track single release gives a thorough workout to the ears and to the body and unleashes raw power directly into your brain. Both tracks really are absolute rippers, this release is one of 3 Sub Generation have lined up in quick succession for this gifted producer. Both tracks will tear up any dance floor into tiny pieces, so it is with pride that we deliver unto you Sidereal.






Rage King - AerobicsThis is a beauty, triumphant Break Beat with an uplifting old school flavor. Reminiscence of the 80’s, but with a modern day break busting twist, this is a masterpiece of engineering and a track that will be a firm favorite among any that listen. Drop this one into a set and watch the dance floor go bonkers.

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