Welcome to the Flip Side

Happy new year to you all and welcome to the ”Flip Side”.

So… the world didn’t end on 21st Dec last year and we’re now well into 2013. Congratulations to all who managed to make it through the apocolypse.


We’ve already kicked off 2013 with some new releases and are currently enjoying our most successful period ever in terms of sales and overall label presence , so once again we would like to thank all of our fans, friends and artists for your continued support…2013 looks set to be a big year for us.

so here’s the lowdown on what is already out through EML.
Shaun Williams - Digital Communication

RELEASE DATE 2013-01-14


DJ and producer Shaun is enjoying a continued growth of gigs, production, fans and media coverage (appearing in MIXMAG and many local newspapers) Shaun has had major chart success with all releases reaching high positions in the download charts, and a string of number ones. These such releases have been played by the biggest DJs in the world, such as PAUL VAN DYK, ABOVE AND BEYOND and TIESTO. This album is the amalgamation of his most sought after and successful singles over the past year.

Dirtie Deejayz - Legacy

RELEASE DATE 2013-01-10

Dirtie Deejayz are the first artists to be upgraded from LayZee Records (Our sister label) to EML Recordings. After 2 very successful releases they are back for another classy delve into something a tad more energetic. Slick production throughout this release, with well thought out production and an enigmatic mood fills to deliver a superb collection of tracks into one powerful release.


Since Sub Generation launched in March 2012, the label has accomplished a lot, with a club night in conjunction with KMag, charting on Beatport several times, attracting Drum & Bass Arena and accquiring many new and well repsected names.

2013 looks set to be a big big year for Sub G, with our first remix competition EP release and another club night in the pipe line.
Crimson Death, Pixieguts, Adrial Torres, Ac3, M.O.U (Myth of Unity), Mixed Transiton, Dreadnought, Camden Amen, Landrunner, Timeloop, Jam Master Jim, Electromagnetic Impulses Rigg-a-Mortis, Electromagnetic Impulses, Egzaktly, Clubsonica, Foo, M.z.K, Loki, AntonSzander, Sp3ctrum, MiXed Transition, Cosmic Alliance - The Big Freeze (Winter Warmers, Vol. 3)

RELEASE DATE 2012-12-29

This is a High grade compilation brain hacker coming out of the fast growing Sub Generation stable. Quality pin point accurate Drum N Bass, Breaks and Dubstep is the order of the day. THE perfect New Years eve celebratory collection, spin any of these monster tracks and everyone is going to ask you who the artists are, the perfect release if you want to impress.

Sidereal - Vastness & Observation

RELEASE DATE 2013-01-09

Sidereal is back for yet more high grade thumping turbo charged Drum N Bass mayhem. These set of tracks are seriously addictive, squelchy rolling brilliance is what is on offer. Click the play button and become an ever lasting fan of this hugely talented artist.

Landrunner - Biomatronik

RELEASE DATE 2013-01-10

Landrunner is back with his first release in 2013. This is an absolute belter, from the outro this one grabs you. Fantastic introduction builds up to an immense drop and then it takes you. A full on ride into fierce and frantic Drum N Bass. Another roller coming out of the Sub G stable.


2012 saw the launch of our 3rd Label “LayZee Records”.

LayZee has had a slow and gentle baptism, but plans are afoot to really pimp the label up in 2013.

Stay Tuned !!

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