Sub Generation Celebrates it’s 1st anniversary in style

Lex Luthor, Sidereal, Mixed Transiton, Crimson Death, Jam Master Jim, Landrunner, Dreadnought, Psonic Bionic, Electromagnetic Impulses, Camden Amen, MiXed Transition, Voide, Foo, Sticky Bud - Drum & Bass Essentials 2013DRUM & BASS ESSENTIALS 2013


Today Sub Generation Records celebrates it’s first anniversarry and to mark this special occasion we have unleashed “Drum N Bass Essentials 2013”

This is the Essential Drum N Bass collection of 2013. no less than 24 High grade Drum N Bass ear splitters is dished up for your audio pleasure. Covering every angle of the Drum N Bass spectrum from Liquid through to heavy Tech Step and everything in between. There’s something for everyone in this release, yet another satisfaction guaranteed for your ears and your sub woofers.


Crimson Death, Pixieguts, Ac3, M.O.U (Myth of Unity), Mixed Transiton, Dreadnought, Camden Amen, Landrunner, Timeloop, Jam Master Jim, Electromagnetic Impulses Rigg-a-Mortis, Electromagnetic Impulses, Egzaktly, Clubsonica, Foo, M.z.K, Loki, AntonSzander, Sp3ctrum, MiXed Transition, Cosmic Alliance, Adrial Torres - The Big Freeze (Winter Warmers, Vol. 3)If that wasn’t enough we also have the following Drum N Bass / Dubstep and Breaks compilation releases for you, check this bad boy out.

The Ultimate end to 2012. This is a High grade compilation brain hacker coming out of the fast growing Sub Generation stable. Quality pin point accurate Drum N Bass, Breaks and Dubstep is the order of the day. THE perfect New Years eve celebratory collection, spin any of these monster tracks and everyone is going to ask you who the artists are, the perfect release if you want to impress.



In other news we are pleased to announce our partnership for all 3 of our labels with Sobel Promotions.




Barbara Sobel is the founder of Sobel Promotions and has spent the last 20 working with groups around the globe. Working with both major label artists and independent acts, Sobel Promotions is a full service, “one stop shopping” promotion company which focuses on Dance Music.  We also work with Indie, Trance, Pop, Electronica, Britpop, Euro Dance, Techno, Alternative, Rock and Spiritual Music.

Barbara has a live interview show on the radio and a syndicated interview podcast which is syndicated on radio stations around the world.   She programs over 200 Dance radio stations powered by Sobel Nation,  Sobel Nation Radio ( and the Sobel Classics Radio Station (



And finally, look out for the ”Electronica Essentials 2013″, this release will celebrate the 1st Anniversarry of LayZee Records.

Once again a huge thanks to all our supporters and followers, 2013 continues to impress and we have lots more new releases coming out weekly across all 3 of our labels.

Don’t foget to visit us at

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