Electronica Essentials 2013 | April Newsletter | Latest Releases and More

So much going on, so much to get through this month, here’s the lowdown on what’s going on with our 3 labels, ENJOY the music. Starting with the latest Releases from EML.



Elementia - CyberpunkCyberpunk – Elementia 

Cyberpunk is the latest Electro House creation, from the massive talent that is Elementia. With support from Sobel Promotions, Starfleet Promo Pool, Energy FM, Playdio, ReelHouse FM and the CAM artist Management group. With a superb Hook, driven Bass snaps, pounding Drum and Percussion loops it’s an inspired offering from a young artist with a big future. This is a must have for any Electro House, Complextro DJ



Dirtie Deejayz - Bassalicious /  Push The BeatDIRTIE DEEJAYZ – BASSALICIOUS / PUSH THE BEAT

 Release Date: 21st Feb 2013

Dirtie Deejayz return once more for an injection of  Electro House rounded off with come Chicago cross breed Detroit stylie for your listening pleasure. 2 catchy, slick and well designed tracks are the order of the day here and add’s to the growing collection of superb tracks coming out of the Dirtie Deejazy stable AND that of EML’s.



Click on the images below to preview our recent dance music releases:



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100 days of continuous sales

I am pleased to announce that in Quarter 1 2013 (Jan-March) our labels have managed to sell music releases every single day on Itunes and Beatport , running right back to 17th Dec in fact.

Indeed at the time of writing we have just hit 100 days of consecutive sales on those 2 stores, which is a massive achievement for a label that doesn’t have the financial clout that some of the bigger labels have, it just goes to prove that the quality of music coming our from our 3 labels is very high..on behalf of our artists I would like to personally thank all of our fans, friends and supporters. I wonder how far through 2013 we can go before we have a day with no sales ?
(I’ll keep you all updated).

Chart Positions

Already in 2013 we have seen some of our releases charting in various places.
Our ”PsyTrance Essentials 2013” release broke into Beatport’s Top 100 Album download charts.

Shaun Williams, found himself YET AGAIN, in the top 10 ”Trance” download charts on Juno, our Trance Essentials 2013 release is still high up on Juno’s Trance download charts and Dirtie Deejayz spent a week in the top 10 charts for all genres on DJTunes.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Sobel Promotions, who continue to push all of our labels releases into the ears of the Promo Pools and DJ’s and a big thank you goes to DJ Fredi Inglish and Reelhouse FM , who continue to support our releases on his Sunday afternoon shows on the station.


Ruhr Chill Factory, M.z.K, Cyberboy_313, Electric Okra, Enemy Within, Psykotronik, ElectricOkra, Storefunk, Dirtie Deejayz, Cristian Ketelaars, Redcard Collector, Electromagnetic Impulses & Crimson Death, AntonSzander, Mike Hoang, NeuroTek, De Vio, Pfaff - Brill, Crimson Death, Crystal Matrix, Esper Haddad, B, Electromagnetic Impulses, Dementio 13 - Electronica Essentials 2013Various Artists – Electronica Essentials 2013

This monster compilation combines the power of artists from all 4 corners of the planet (although the planet isn’t really square is it ?). Covering all aspect of Electronica, from the most chilled out down tempo, through to industrial, this release has it all. quality combined with quantity this is LayZee’s first compilation release, but it won’t be our last. Pure value for money.



LAYZEE Back Catalog click any of the releases below to listen

Colby - Truth TerrariumRuhr Chill Factory - Parallel CaliforniaCosmic Aliiance - Traverse Your MindDirtie Deejayz - Once AgainMojo Beat - StarsCrimson Death / D13  - Aftershockm.z.k - Liquid Melody

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Label Links

Myth Of Unity, 8bitrage, Egzaktly, DJ Domenian, Timeloop, AntonSzander, Psylense, Jam Master Jim, Galvatron, Ac3, Father Son & Alcohol, Cosmic Alliance, Crimson Death, Object, Statesthetic - Dubstep Essentials 2013Dubstep Essentials 2013 – Various Artists  
24 Of the filthiest Dubstep tracks you will hear this year. This is the essential Dubstep collection of 2013, covering every angle and taking on every slant imaginable. Pure quality is dished up and delivered with a fusion directly into your cerebral cortex. The perfect collection for the serious and diverse Dubstep DJ and fan alike.
Released on 11th March
__________________________________________________________________________________Lex Luthor, Sidereal, Mixed Transiton, Crimson Death, Jam Master Jim, Landrunner, Dreadnought, Psonic Bionic, Electromagnetic Impulses, Camden Amen, MiXed Transition, Voide, Foo, Sticky Bud - Drum & Bass Essentials 2013
Drum and Bass Essentials 2013 – Various Artists
This is the Essential Drum N Bass collection of 2013. no less than 24 High grade Drum N Bass ear splitters is dished up for your audio pleasure. Covering every angle of the Drum N Bass spectrum from Liquid through to heavy Tech Step and everything in between. There’s something for everyone in this release, yet another satisfaction guaranteed for your ears and your sub woofers.
RELEASE DATE 2013-02-25
__________________________________________________________________________________Exile - Nocturnal EP
Exile – Nocturnal EP 
This is a world class Dubstep EP and another fresh signing to Sub Generation to inspire you with. 4 Solidly polished tracks with the perfect arrangement of raw filthy Dubstep goodness. This is one of those releases that cannot be faulted in any aspect, the kicks have right level and punch, the obligatory bass wobble and synth screams are delivered to perfection, the drops, breaks and build up’s are all spot on. A fantastic debut release from Exile through Sub Generation Records. 
Released on 28th Feb
Label Links  ________________________________________________
Drinks Keep Coming EP - Camden Amen
Dubstep Essentials 2013Breaks Essentials 2013Drops EP - Camden AmenRevival EP - Camden AmenDrum & Bass Essentials 2013Nocturnal EP - Exile___________________________________________________________________________________



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