Davin Duke - Northern Strings


Davin Duke returns to EML Recordings, with this high caliber Uplifting Trance hit. Pure exquisite excellence dished up in super hot Trance pumper, with epic drop’s, build up’s and build backs. It chugs along at the ideal pace Eq’d and mixed down to perfection all the ranges fit together like a snug Trance jigsaw, the resulting sound is ideal for those Trance DJ sets, so here’s another EML classic to add to your growing EML collection.


3 Hard House, Hard Trance head bangers are on offer with this top of the range, top drawer release. They say 3 is the magic number and with this release it’s a saying that is proven to be correct. Driven by hard lead synths, well designed heavy percussion and kicks these tracks are designed to be mixed into a DJ set and they work a treat. Snap these up.

Colby - Slap in the FaceCOLBY – SLAP IN THE FACE (DEEP HOUSE)

Supreme Deep House from Colby. This is one of those once in a blue Moon masterclass works of art. From start to finish this track is etched in pure brilliance, deeper than the grand canyon, faultless this is pure driven excellence and a track not to pass by.

Daniel Floor - Deepest and ExistingDANIEL FLOOR – DEEPEST + EXISTING (HOUSE)

2 Perky House classics are dished up for your audio pleasure with this double dose of goodness courtesy of new signing Daniel Floor. A Solid production performance and a masterclass in how to deliver a bouncy House classic that will tear up any dance floor.


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