Dubstep Essentials 2013 (Six months on Amazon’s top 100 Dubstep charts)

Myth Of Unity, 8bitrage, Egzaktly, DJ Domenian, Timeloop, AntonSzander, Psylense, Jam Master Jim, Galvatron, Ac3, Father Son and Alcohol, Cosmic Alliance, Crimson Death, Object, Statesthetic, Father Son and Alcohol - Dubstep Essentials 2013It’s not just EML Recordings that has impressed this year. 

Our sister label ”Sub Generation Records” has seen huge success on Amazon this year, especially with the 2 ”Dubstep Essentials 2013” releases. 

Volume One has spent the past SIX MONTHS. in the top 100

Even today it’s at No 10. 

Well done to everyone involved I am sure next years Essentials will do just as well. 


Myth Of Unity, Exile, MonKy FoniKs, Darta Jr, Galvatron, Realmz Deep, Crimson Death, Pixieguts, Psonic Bionic, Object, Timeloop, Ac3, Bizniz, Father Son & Alcohol, Def Stereo, Object - Dubstep Essentials 2013, Vol. 2Photo: SIX MONTHS IN THE TOP 100 ON AMAZONS DUBSTEP CHARTS !!


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