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Davin Duke makes a very welcome return to EML Recordings with this atmospheric deep Trance uplifter. An absolute work of genius here with classic melodies, pure uplifting break downs and idyllic drops. The synth lead, hook and chorus all combine to deliver an epic single track that will burn itself into your mind.


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DJKAM is one of most exciting new signings in 2013. 2 Seriously addictive tracks are up for grabs, the first taking on an action packed Electro House slant, full of funky bass lines and a hard hitting pounding kick.

The second is a classic House club hit, squelchy bass lines roll underneath a sublime synth lead that will have you going bonkers. DJ’s stand up and take note, EML has found another gem.


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Mike and Rob is a duo formed in 2010 by two well-seasoned artists called Mike Anderson and Roberto Milanesi. Years of musical experience has made them able to fuse the vocals of Mike , an Anglo-Jamaican poet, singer and songwriter with the unconventional beats and melodies of Roberto , composer and performer. These 3 Techno inspired tracks have atmosphere, depth and emotion. Ideal for those dark sultry club nights and are a welcome addition to the EML catalogue.


Classic Electro House. This single from Idan Miller is another new name to EML. His style of no holes barred funky Electro House sits perfectly among our library of classic head banging goodness and has the right combination of synth leads, and catchy chorus hook and beefed up beats. Top drawer.

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Remember when Techno, was Techno ? We take you back, way way back; with this Tribal Techno track from Boxfed. This is what Techno sounds like, dark minimal and full of potential energy just ready to unleashed by you. Do what you know is right and support this true Techno stomper.

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A joy to listen to, this track is a clean well thought out Trance roller. Well balanced in every area with top of the range sounds throughout all elements sit in the right places, indeed this single from newboy Muffin Sanders is a well rounded Trance classic



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Wired Up is a filthy Electro House pounder from new signing NRSM. Huge thumping kicks reverberate in tandem with one hell of a catchy synth hook. The remix comes in heavy with a slice of Trance thrown in courtesy of Audio Ova-Drive. The result is 2 huge tracks that chug along at an energetic pace and leave you wanting more.




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