End of 2013 EML Releases

Here you go music lovers, 7 EML Releases that are sure to make your ears happy! ________________________________________________________________________________


This is PsyTrance and it will blow your mind. 2014 Exodus.



Happy new year! This is our final compilation of 2013, a collection of some of our most popular and most recent tracks. This compilation is dedicated to our loyal fans and followers. A celebration of 12 months of frantic music. http://www.beatport.com/release/spacial-expansion/1193486



 Ear splitting, head banging, top drawer Progressive Trance from DJ Yorrin. What a way for this talented veteran DJ Producer to end the year. From the moment this one gets going is has you by the short and curly’s, it’s a wall to wall no holes barred full frontal assault on your ears and I don’t know about you, but we at EML love it.



 This is absolute solid gold Electro House. Drawing influence from the Nintendo stylistic soundscape that has become so engrained in many Electro House hits this year, Taurus takes this slant of Electro House on with mastery. Pure wizardry is evident in all aspects of this immense single from the production, layering, placement of effects, synth work, programming, drum and percussion use, mix down EQ’ing ans mastering. The complete Electro House package in one neat tidy hit.




 2013 comes to and end and we are still bringing you new names. This inspired Electro House funk fuelled head banger comes courtesy of new signing Freskow. Full of slider synth stabs and a classic Electronic House rhythm this is another single that ticks all the right boxes and is right up there with the best of the best of the best. See the year out in fine style with this our final single release of 2013.



2 unique intricate tracks from the Audiowankers rounds off a solid year for the Dutch duo. 2 Creepy tracks create an eerie feeling in the mind of the listener, packed with potential energy that you know at some point is going to be unleashed, but is done so in a subtle manner. To sum up these are clever tracks written and performed by 2 clever Dutch dudes.



If there was a contest for the most Tribal House track of December 2013, this would be a contender. A more than healthy dose of Funk, with Techno overtones, Minimalistic in nature and bongo crazy. Intricate percussion work on this track is what makes it stand out as a unique roller. This single is the second release in quick succession from new signing Ged Preston.



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