EML Partners with Amped Up Radio


EML Recordings is proud to announce the very new and VERY exciting team up with Amped Up Radio FM

It has begun folks! Get ready for a whole new realm of EDM! To find out more about the station  “Click Here

We are a brand new style of online radio station, providing max abilities to promoters, advertisers, vocalists, musicians, artists, venue owners, radio personnel and music fans from all over the world!

Being producers and DJ’s ourselves, we understand the struggles of spending so much time creating your piece, then trying to get your music out and heard by others outside of your own circle, we’ve been there!

This is why we have swooped in to take those barriers down, we aren’t hungry for money. We are hungry for communal unity, collaborations and promotions of our artists. Whether you are a vocalist, DJ, EDM composer, band or group etc. We are here for you! We want you to enjoy what you do for everyone, not stress to the max over your next plan to get your materials heard. Not to mention the wallet busting fee’s paid out just to circulate your materials.

“Amped Up Radio FM” first began back in 1984 as a small mobile DJ service based out of Waterville, Ohio by the name of “Audio Masters Mobile Music Systems”. Ran by only two individuals “DJ E-mix & DJ Russ Tiger Simmons”, these two set off on a journey for which the overall success of providing full mobile entertainment, sparked a phenomenal amount of interest amoungst many ears across the state. As years passed, DJ Rockin’ signed on with “Audio Masters” (Now located in Williamsport, PA) came across a DJ, composer/producer by the name of “Jay Prowaves”. Jay, at the time was performing all over the local area including “Bucknell University”. Among speaking with “DJ Rockin'” with “Audio Masters”, Jay and he had decided to team up, using Jay’s many abilities combined with DJ Rockin’s own abilities to put forth phenomenal performances. Now, in 2016 “Audio Masters & DJ E-Mix” have teamed up with “Jay Prowaves” to create this beautiful environment to bring together creative minds, to encourage creativity and boost inspirations.

We truly hope that we can reach our many goals by giving the true hearted musicians, artists, DJ’s and many more, the opportunities that they deserve. We love each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts! So lets stand together as one! And embark on this journey together!


Amped Up Broadcasting Team


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