EML Recordings Christmas Podcast

This is the EML Recordings Christmas podcast, taking you through 90 minutes of QUALITY DANCE MUSIC.

A journey through what has been and what is to come from this exciting army of music producers.

Hosted by DJ Electromagnetic.

Playlist :

Track 1 : Crimson Death – The Binary Nature of Reality
Track 2: M.z.K – Falling Leaves
Track 3: Paul Psr Ryder – The Perfect Escape
Track 4: Darta & Brum(Feat Alchibab) – Machinery
Track 5: Realmz Deep – Outlander
Track 6: Bobby Hass – The Big Bang
Track 7: Sp3ctrum – Phobia
Track 8: Chris Golding – Kandahar (Extended Mix)
Track 9: Ryan Raya + Musu – Afterworld
Track 10: Bobby Hass – Anonymous (Clip)

Music playing whilst the host is talking…

Track 1 : Electric Okra – Jazz Sandwich
Track 2: Rage King – Thumper
Track 3: Lex Time – Hello Mummy
Track 4: Ruhr Chill Factory – Steel
Track 5: Toby Cortes – Stomper Instinct
Track 6: Cling – Deeper Meaning (2012 Remix)
Track 7: Crimson Death – Exile (Electromagnetic Impulses Remix)
Track 8: Dirtie Deejayz – Half Baked
Track 9: CyberBoy – Ancient Dances

Alternative listening sources….

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