EML Recordings is taking a break

Hi All,

So as many of our loyal followers and fans know we here at EML Recordings have decided to take a little break, sadly despite numerous attempts to make EML a viable and profitable business venture, Jason Edwards the owner (ME)…has decided that the label can no longer be a full time investment, instead I am going to continue to operate EML on a part time basis in my spare time and at weekends, so this isn’t goodbye, I am going to concentrate on making my own music again and self releasing.

If you are new to EML, below is a taste of what you missed out on.

Please note that this web site is a temporary page set up after our last web site was infected with malware and we had to get rid of it…I’ll attempt to try and make this temporary home look like a proper web site soon.

Our releases are available from Beatport, ITunes, Spotify, Juno, Deezer and many many more



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One comment on “EML Recordings is taking a break

  1. Jason, it’s Shawn’s mom, Bernadine. I thought your last name was Mallette?
    If this is, in fact, the Jason with whom I have corresponded in the past, the Jason who is near and dear to my heart, however little we have managed to stay in touch (not without trying, I might add, on my behalf!) could you please email me at: bernartdine@gmail.com
    and put my mind to rest, while putting my writing skills to work? I would LOVE a street address where I could send you hard copy…but I’ll be happy with an email. I just want to get back in touch, know you’re okay, and reassure you you are still very much on my mind and in my heart. So…write me already will you, you bastard!!! Thanks, J.
    Love, Bernadine (insert smiley face, with heart)

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